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Ask yourself ? What have you accumulated in your life so far ? Are you a millionaire with so many assets to manage that it is driving you crazy ? Have you amassed so much wealth that your next  3 generations can live comfortably ? Are you broke ? So much so that, you have irreconcilable debts and live on a measly sum every day ? Do you worry when you may be arrested for that wrong doing in stocks that you indulged in ? Or are you a person who has lived his life straight, so much so that you have never done things like accepting/giving a bribe ? Your finances may not be in the millions, but you manage to live comfortably and lead a healthy, happy life. Is this you ? Whatever it may be, remember that it is not the size of your wallet, but other things that make you happy. And what do you live for, if not happiness. You may have all the wealth of the world, but if you are miserable, you are missing the point.

So what is the kind of life that you have to lead ? In the end, you want to be happy. Right ? So do things that make you happy. If you detest something, avoid it. Maybe it’s the morning routine. Maybe it’s your work all day. You have to really ask yourself, what is it that makes me happy ? And then go for it. If it’s a change of work, so be it. If it’s a change of your partner, then so be it. At the end of the day, ask yourself, did you have a fruitful day or it was just routine ? Become ecstatic. Lead a life that brings the best out of you everyday. Like when you were a kid. When mama used to make your favorite food, you had a twinkle in your eye. When Dad used to bring you those presents, you felt adorable. Bring back those days. Don’t just relive them. Act on them. For example, if you have done something good, that you treasure, give yourself a gift. It may be a candy or a ice cream dessert. Indulge yourself, but watch that waist line.

Doing things that make you happy is good, but not the end. You have to consciously avoid being negative and being around negative people. Only mingle with people who really care about you and your values and give a thumbs up to you when you achieve your goals, one by one. Reciprocate your love, by upping them, when they achieve theirs. Be socially active, if you are an extrovert. Listen to music. Read 1 book every month. Order food from outside, once in a while. Do not compromise on your principles. If somebody doesn’t care about you, do not let them hibernate in your thoughts. Do you know that on an average you have about 30,000 thoughts in a day. Watch them. Don’t let the gremlins of bad thoughts get in your mind. Replace a negative thought with a positive one. Go for mutually conducive relationships. If you think, you are worked out, take a break. But come back with all that spirit that is you.

You see – the only person who knows you very well is just yourself. So don’t take other’s advice to your heart. They are just trying to be themselves. Your path is not the same as their path. You have to find your path and be courageous enough to walk it. Accumulate good thoughts and memories. Do the right things in your style. Do only things that you will be proud of. If it’s solving a problem, give your customer the best solution that he can’t find anywhere else. Save for vacation and also save for your future. Not just money, but good will. Create a good reputation about yourself in your circles. When people ask about you, they should trust you. If you manage to live a happy life and help others also to lead the same, well, you have achieved something. Be gracious in giving. Trust in God, because he is always there. The chance of an individual like you created on this earth are 1 in 4,000,000,000,000. Yeah, you read that right. So go for it. And ask yourself, are you a High Net Worth Individual ? Cheers …

Are you a High Net Worth (HNI) Individual

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