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Although we are all separate from God, a part of his spark lives inside all of us. This part is the soul. Sometimes it comes out as teardrops in our eyes. At other times, it comes out as a fuzzy feeling. We think we are separated from God, but he is already inside all of us. We are lost in our thoughts most of the time. So we do not realize Him always. This perceived illusion is because we have not quietened our mind, which goes on from one thought to the next incessantly. The truth is that God is always besides us. Our soul rests in His bosom. This lifetime is a gift from God. We have to spend this life doing good things. Like the lotus flower is untouched by the dirt around it, so also our soul is untouched  from the pollution of the external world. We have to make sure that it does not get contaminated. Preserve the purity in the midst of all that commotion. Because the soul is like silence, in which the only thought we will have is that of God.

This part called the soul has to bloom in the midst of the din that which we call as the world. A person who sets out on the path of truth, sooner or later achieves God realization. And what a powerful feeling it is. Like Rumi the poet said, we are not the drop in the ocean, but the ocean itself. The ocean is God and we are like a lashing wave, which is not separate from God. Our foremost ancestor is no other than God himself. We are a walking, talking proof that God exists everywhere including our hearts. The Almighty puts us in strange circumstances. Life is a challenge to be solved step by step. Every moment we have to follow the truth and see to it that we ask others also to do the same. Sing the song of the Almighty. Praise him every second. Think of him or contemplate a form if you want. There is no other than Him that can take us out of this Samsara or surroundings. Talk to him and he listens. At your beckoning.

He lives everywhere. In the air, in water and in all of our selves. He also lives inside every inanimate objects. Like say the wall around you and he can descend to this planet anytime he wants. When bad exceeds good on this earth, he takes a form (avatar) and descends to our world. His promise is to restore peace and happiness in the world. For a person doing evil things, he gives them multiple times pardons. But once it crosses the limits nobody is spared from his wrath. He is the all gracious and all forgiving. But there is a limit. Do not test his patience. We have made life complicated beyond repair. Time for Him to come back as an Avatar on this earth. He leads the righteous to the correct path and those who are not on the path of the truth, he advises them to walk that path. However, there are some people who have taken a one way ticket to the bad path. Only God can light the candle of light into their hearts. Justice may be delayed, but its never denied.

So take off the veil of thoughts and focus on just one thing  – 100% dedication to God. Choose the shortcut to God’s world, through Bhakti Yoga, in other words, the path of devotion. When we remember God, he shines like that bright Sun deep inside our souls. Live an upright life, without harming a single being or creatures. In some scriptures, its mentioned that we have to be especially careful about say ants and insects who we can trample upon. A life, be it in any form, is a valuable resource. All these tools that we have invented right from the spear to the computer, all of them, are made to push us towards the righteous path. Embrace it and fight like a warrior emancipating civilians who are trapped in the world of war-mongers. A new day will dawn on this beautiful planet. That day is not far away. Don’t wait for God to incarnate himself. We can do our little bit in making this planet a better place to live. So go ahead, do your part, and remember, God is there at your behest, if you need him.

Although I’m separated from you, you live inside me

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