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God is everywhere, as we all know. He lives/breathes the same air that we breathe. What we do to the best of our ability is because of His light shining through us. We should never forget this fact. It’s because of Him that we all act the way we do. We have been made custodians of His assets. So we should safeguard it properly. With this remembrance of Him always etched in our souls, we can face any task, no matter how difficult it is. The soul that we have been given is for Him to experience the world. The more we seek something, chances are, the more we are going to get it. It doesn’t matter what the thing is. He has created this entire world for us. To take dominion of this world, is a big responsibility. And He is doing His part well. We have to do ours. Thank God for the Sun that shines everyday, for the food we eat and for the daily love that we feel. We should have this feeling at top of our minds: that we are all individuals who are loved from above and we should reciprocate it by offering prayers to Him daily. If we can pray for others also, that would be great.

We are living in unprecedented times. The power of technology tilts the balance between me and you. This is a force not to be ignored. But mind you, this force is miniscule, when you see God’s power. Lord Krishna says in the great scripture (Bhagvad Gita) that this Universe is just 1% of His energy, so you can feel what the remaining 99% feels like. His power is seen daily in the wind that blows, the clouds that drift and the candle that spreads light everywhere. His words can be heard from everyone’s heart and his lights shone brightly as the Sun who never fails to rise up, or as the night dawns, in the moonlit night. His power can be felt in all things – both animate and inanimate. There is no length to which I can go to describe His power. Simply speaking, He is awesome and so is his world that he has exclusively created for us. How beautiful it is to see waves on a shore or a cuckoo’s song. Simply beautiful, and I’m not done yet.

A dose of humility helps. We wonder why things don’t exactly happen the way we want them. Well, He gives everyone enough to survive and be happy. God does not give you what you want, but He gives you what you need. How does he know what we need. He knows us better than we know ourselves. In His world, there is perfect justice. In his world, there are beautiful things. In His world you see happy people, always talking and praising Him. There is no dearth of anything, no shortages. Everyone gets what He/She deserves. There is ample amount of food, but some of us , hoard it. The world is rich enough to feed every person on this planet, yet we hoard. So here’s another message – Share your assets. Sponsor a child. Act against terrorism. Say no to drugs. Live an upright life. Do not harm anyone or any creature on this planet. Always sing his glory, because he is the truest friend that you will ever have.

Pray that you get the Wisdom to distinguish between good and bad. Ask Him to guide you. And He will. Because when everything seems to go wrong, there is just one person who is still with you and that is God. Do you hear his voices, deep down in your heart – the innermost recesses of the soul. You will never go away from the path of righteousness and love. What you do, comes back again. No point in just waiting. Act as this will spur a reaction to your act. Use technology to the maximum, because this is what differentiates us from say a bird. Pour in all the strength that you have been given to the noble task that you have been gifted with. Coming to gifts, He is our Santa Claus. The only difference being that every day is Christmas. Thank him a thousand or a million times for this wonderful life. He always keeps us in His bosom and provides us our daily requirements. Love him from the utmost deepest part of your heart and you will hear his word – ‘Amen!’.


Loving God

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