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Everybody dies one day. This seems to be the ultimate truth, however we have to look at 2 things: Death is not the end. It’s just a comma. A new life awaits all of us, if we only seize it as it comes to us. The truth is that we are all immortal. There is no death for the soul. We are all spiritual beings trapped in a material world. There is no such thing as Death. We transmute from one life to another. We shed this body and occupy a new body. Just like how a cell dies, by releasing its constituents into the body, we take up new bodies. What we remember during the time of Death, we get tele-ported there. As in Bhagvad Gita, Arjuna asks Krishna who he is. And Krishna says that he is Death or Time or Kaal,  who has come to obliterate all of us, with or without you. If you participated in this battle, the whole of Earth is for you to rule. If you do not participate then also all these people assembled in this battlefield shall die. Their souls don’t. But it is the end of this material body.

In technical parlance, it’s like a program that dies when we hit the Close button. When the program is being executed,  or simply being in memory, it’s alive. The moment it dies, it releases all its resources back to the environment. However, unlike human beings, it doesn’t live for a long period. Once it performs what it was set to do, it dies. Does the machine feel the pain of Death? No, it doesn’t. Why ? Because a program lives a good life. It does not fight for resources, like we humans do. The program is stored somewhere in secondary storage. When it gets booted, its loaded into the memory and finally the CPU executes it. A program is as good as the service it offers. It works in a particular environment and releases its resources, once it is through with its intention. Programs are immortal, however they require data (nature) to operate on. Be it still data or streaming data, the program will crunch and exit to oblivion.

The focus of a program is the environment which it is running in. It may be a standalone program in a laptop or it may be running somewhere in the cloud. It has to have a suitable place where it can be run without any problem. Thus we see all kinds of programs running on different type of devices. A program can talk to other programs by means of tight or loose coupling. Sometimes loose coupling is also referred to as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and from this comes the Cloud or the internet. A program is not tethered to any network or a server. It simply runs where there is abundant data for it to consume. There are different types of programs, like we have different kinds of data (data lakes or data rivers) Programs can be customized easily if you know a programming language. There are many tools to run programs and you are exposed to it using API’s (Application Programming Interface) provided by the vendor.

Nowadays the data doesn’t go to the place where the program resides. The program goes to where the data is. And the moment of glory for a program is when it gets executed in the processor or when its loaded in the main memory. Life is just like that. We live. There are different stages to life from being a baby to adolescence to middle age and finally old age. However, there is only one death. Do not be in awe of Death. Millions of people die everyday. And they don’t die out of evolution. There is no guarantee as to when Death will strike. But in the meanwhile we can live a good life without regrets or any qualms. As long as this breathe goes in and comes out, we can live a royal life. We should realize who we are. We are all part and parcel of the great force called God who created us. Live life in a grand manner. Like the dialogue in Wallstreet, you are on a roll kid. Enjoy it while it lasts. ‘Cause it never does.

The death of the program

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