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Kaala or Time was created with the birth of the Universe. Nobody knows how Kaala looks. It is beyond the perception of our faculties. The greatest aspect of time is that it always proceeds in the direction it takes. No known person has been able to reverse the arrow of Time. Like any computer project that gets created, goes for maintenance and is discarded after use, the Universe also follows the same pattern. Lord MahaVishnu is responsible for maintaining the Universe. He sleeps and still maintains the Universe. All living and non living things take birth from Him and all of them go to their destruction through him. In effect, Lord MahaVishnu is Kaala or Time. Recently I heard a song ‘Time, Why you punish me’. Time does not punish anyone. It just keeps going on. It’s not about Love or Peace. It’s about Life. Life goes on whether you like it or not. If you have not understood Life in all its dimensions, your life would have been wasted. The very purpose of Life is just to live and engage in Yoga. Not by Karma or Jnyana is the Lord found. It’s by the path of Bhakthi or Devotion that he reveals Himself to his devotees.

Atman or Soul is not something that comes to an end. It’s simply beyond time. It’s the One that sees, hears, smells and so on, through us. For God, this is his Lila or play. Whatever we are experiencing, the Lord is also. Whether you are a Watchman or the Director of the company, He is experiencing all of this through you. Some people say that Lord SriKrishna professes War. Well, not so. When humanity is in the hands of the evil, he takes form and eradicates it from this planet. Such is the situation in the Mahabharata war. When evil people rule the world, it’s time for a Jihad or Struggle. In the name of the mighty Lord, those who are on the good side, will have to wage a war. It’s God who acts through us. No matter, even if you don’t participate, still Kaala or Time will destroy the foe. Justice, Peace and Freedom would be restored back. Again, Life will blossom everywhere. The bad does not last for a long time, but anything that is good has a extended life span. Know that every action of yours is being watched. When you stray out of the way, the Lord shows you the light.

Just as you can get blinded by looking into the Sun (because of his brightness), you can’t feel God with the limited senses that you have. He shows Himself through the path of Bhakthi or Devotion. Know that you are loved beyond measure. His immense power resides in all of our hearts. Hence the body may wither away, but the Soul doesn’t. Worship Him daily. Sing His songs. Tell His stories. Participate in Satsangs. All your other actions simply build karma. Do not accumulate negative actions, because the consequence would be negative. You are This. And This is That. Which in simple terms is that you are God. Part and parcel of the same greatest God that lives everywhere. Be it dark matter, dark energy, the Higgs-Boson particle or just about anywhere. He lives everywhere. Just trust that hunch that you have. It’s what people call as Gut-feeling. Realize Him. That if you ask me, is the only purpose of this Life. To see his Vishwaroop or the divine revelation. And once you have charted out this path of yourself, show the others this untrodden path.

Live life king size. There are no limits for your free will, as long as it does not harm others. In everything that you look upon, see Him. You will find a naughty smiling face of Lord Krishna. He is not in heaven or any other place. He resides in your heart and every other living and non-living thing. And this is the ultimate truth – Aham Brahmasmi. Or in other words. I’m the Atman. Non destructible. No fire can burn me, no water can drown me. You are a piece of divinity. And everything that you look upon is also sacred. Every day that you wake up, you have to thank God, because millions of people would not rise up today, to experience the glory of the Lord. So now you understand the statement ‘Thou Art That’. You are the soul. A spiritual being in a body. The only thing that stops you from being the potential you, is your own limitations. Because of wrong beliefs and value systems. Throw away that which limits you and pick up that path of Bhakthi. Live a life of utmost spirituality before the final vestiges of this material body are thrown off into the same Earth that you are a part of. Amen.

Time why you punish me …

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