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Let truth be told – it cannot. You can never tell the truth. It’s something to be experienced. When we feel happy, we are experiencing it. When we feel miserable, we are experiencing the opposite of truth. Is there an opposite for truth? Actually, no. The miserable feeling is a gradation of truth. Let me explain that. Take a ruler – it starts at 0 and moves further towards 1,2,3 and so on. We can explain truth to be at various points on this scale. As we move farther away from zero, we experience different feelings. When we are born we are at the start of the ruler, which is zero. We are happy at 1 and as the worldly experience creeps into us, we start moving away from 1 to 2 to 3 where the happiness quantum starts decreasing. Some people reach 10,11,12. Depression. So you see, there is no such thing as the opposite of truth. Truth is a feeling of pleasantness at different levels.

Now say that you are witnessing a sunrise. You may feel that special ‘a-ha’ feeling which seems to elude us. How do you communicate this to your friend? You may say ‘Wow’, ‘Great’ etc, but these are just words. An approximation of reality. Never will you be able to communicate how you felt during that moment. Let me give you another example. Say you wake up in the morning and that cup of coffee/tea really is so nice. The aroma, the taste and the way you feel. This is the direct experience of truth. You don’t have to retire to a cave and meditate in order to perceive the truth. You just have to be willing to receive it. The whole world is a reflection of the truth. Every single moment, you are experiencing it. Now whether you classify it as good or bad is entirely upto you. The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as bad. Only we deem it to be. Bad is a lower gradation of good.

When we experience emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt etc., we are at one end of the happiness ruler. Similarly, when we experience joy, equanimity, peace etc., we are at the other end. So why do we keep oscillating between these? The answer is our experiences. We have picked up many things since childhood, where we have classified things as good or bad, knowingly or unknowingly. When we come across any moment, we have a habit of relating it to our past experiences and we react to it. These feelings can be deep rooted, so much so that it can trigger sometimes violent situations. It is these feelings which have to be taken care of. Easier said than done, you  may say. And you are right. Its time to unlearn some of those toxic beliefs and experiences that we have filed away in the innards of our mind. Till then, we will not be at peace with ourselves.

Emotions can trigger thoughts and the other way around also. Our thoughts and emotions are interlocked with each other. Good thoughts lead to good emotions whereas negative thoughts can snatch away our valuable moments. If we don’t feel pleasant, chances are our thoughts are running riot. The best way to escape out of this situation is to quieten our mind. By that I mean being thoughtless. Is that possible? Many of these enlightened masters have achieved this state. So where do we start? Meditation is a good starting step. It quietens our mind and we reach a more peaceful state. On an average, a person gets 50,000 thoughts every day. We are taught advanced Ph.D in mathematics, but nobody teaches us thought culture. We come in this world without a user manual. However, it’s entirely up to us to become a happy or a miserable person. So in totality, the game is about experiencing truth at the zero end of the ruler – which means becoming like the child that we were. Truth be told, the only way out is ‘in’.

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