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The power of Social Media

Social media is very popular nowadays. News reaches first on Social Media, before TV or Newspaper catches it. So what is this phenomenon ?


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Social media is about 2 things :

  • Creating fresh content
  • Sharing the content

With every single, post, comment, like etc. new content gets created. The need of the hour is always for new and newer content. Some people modify some content and reformulate a post. This can also be termed as fresh content, albeit with a little twist. Our romance with content goes all the way back to creation. When the Lord created this world, he also created a lot of content. He still keeps creating it. Special power was endowed upon us human beings who are good at transforming this content. For example, we created rings, necklaces, cuffs etc. from gold. The material is the same – gold. But the meaning we attribute to it has changed. No animal does this. Transposing a content from another one. The underlying content remains the same, but the form has changed. We are getting pretty good at it, but have a long way to go.

Content that is created but not shared is like a poet who wrote his poetry without letting the world around him not know about it. It’s an irony. Lot of people die on this planet with the music still in them. Hence the need to share. The more the number of audience, the more is the power of the network. This is called Metcalfe’s law. But we should also have the wisdom to know, what should be shared and what shouldn’t. The more people you are able to touch with your content, the more powerful the inherent value is, of that content. A writer doesn’t write to impress. He writes to express him/herself. When his/her creative expression rings with somebody else, an experience happens, which cannot be described. Can you tell how much a poem or an article affected you? It’s simply priceless.

Social Media began eons ago when people started writing and earlier through voice. But this was limited. The printed press enhanced the reach. The telephone made it 2 way communication. Fast forward to the year 1989. – the birth of the world wide web (Sir Tim Berners Lee) This phenomenon called the internet put the power of the content in every persons hand. But true 2 way communication happened about the year 2000. You could not only visit websites, but you could comment, like, leave your email address and do things where the communication is 2 way or push/pull. With the advent of mobile gadgets the power has precipitated to the hands of an individual. Now everyone on the internet is a potential game changer. He/She has a voice that can influence a movement.

There are many ways to go about it. There are many channels or tools available for participating in this social media phenomenon. You know the obvious ones – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and so on. All these tools provide you the power to collaborate with people. However, the nature of their content is different. For example, you don’t post your family photos on LinkedIn or post a professional article on Facebook. Some people do that too, Note, that these tools are embracing more and more newer types of content. The distinction between a public/private post is slowly getting blurred. Language is no more a barrier as Google Translate does a pretty good job. From websites, the trend is towards apps. And in the future, the primary interface through which we will communicate will be thoughts. May take a decade or two to get there.

Thank God for all that content, the power of creation and for helping us to touch other people in ways that cannot be described, but just felt. Thank you all for creating / participating in this beautiful universe.

Hardware and Software can exist without each other – However when they come together, the result is magic

In the beginning, there was nothing. And then It breathed by its own power. This was the birth of the number ‘1’ or the Sun principle (In the Bible it’s said, ‘And God said, Let there be Light. And there was Light’) This is referred as the birth of Brahma in Hindu mythology. Brahma was born from the navel of Lord Vishnu. (who is referred to as ‘0’ or Lord  Shiva) – Absolute Silence. The birth of Brahma was followed instantaneously, by the birth of Shakti – Mother Nature. Sometimes the birth  of the Universe in folklore is also caused by Shiva’s roar (Every time Shiva Roars, the Universe comes into existence). Prakriti or Mother nature is also referred to as number ‘2’ – or the birth of the Moon. Note that ‘2’ did not come after ‘1’. ‘0’ gave birth to ‘1’ and ‘2’ simultaneously. In the Chinese traditions, the ‘Tao’ is ‘0’ and Yin/Yang are ‘2’ and ‘1’.

So, what does this have to do with Hardware and Software, you must be thinking. Well, ‘0’ means there was no hardware or software. ‘1’ and ‘2’ means the birth of hardware and software, which happened together. In binary language, this becomes ‘0’ and ‘1’.  ‘0’ is no voltage and ‘1’ means there is voltage. (flow of current) In computer parlance, ‘0’ can be -5 volts and ‘1’ can be 5 volts. To be more specific, the switching time of a transistor (between these 2 states, is say 1 nano second. Now this is exactly where the real ‘0’ (God, if you will) exists. If you notice, the switiching time will become lesser and lesser, but it cannot be instant. Instant is switching between ‘0’ an ‘1’ without any time delay. Thus, we can say that God is infinity – i.e the distance between ‘0’ and ‘1’. In other words, Infinity is absolute zero or Silence.

Let’s go a little deeper. What is Hardware ? It is anything that you can feel from your ‘5’ senses (sight,hearing,smell,touch,sound) But note that the 5 senses are limited. For example, we can’t see ultraviolet or infrared light or ‘X’-rays or Cosmic rays. We also cannot hear ultrasound or ‘Johnsons noise’. What we think of hardware is anything that we can perceive through these senses. Now this is our body – the most complex and magnanimous machine ever built by the greatest intelligence of the Universe viz. God. Do you know that there are 3 trillion cells in our body each one doing 3 trillion operations in a second ? All these are material or matter and this is our Hardware. Blood, tissues, organs, bones, water, excreta – all –  they constitute our Hardware. The heart and the brain and other support organs make sure that our Hardware is up and running all the time. (they are also Hardware)

Now comes the beautiful part – when Hardware arranges itself into complex patterns of energy – this is called Software. For example our DNA (is just 4 chemical base pairs – Adenine, Guanine, Thymine and Cytosine) is a complex pattern – this is also called intelligence – the brain is still an aggregated intelligence comprising of a group of neurons having its own DNA. This is another form of software. More complex is the mind which consists of thoughts – there are both thoughts which are local and non-local. Akashic records is memory or karma trace of the collective universal record. Individual traces are found in our brains. Intellect is the next level of intelligence which is responsible for dissection. And finally the most complex pattern – or I should say ‘No pattern’ is our Soul.

You see Hardware and Software can exist without each other, however when they are combined, the result is magic – Like, a Man and Woman are independent, but when they come together you get an experience called ‘kids’.  And I think that, this is one of God’s greatest blessing to mankind

You will always be beautiful, In my eyes …

No matter what you do, no matter who you are or in what walk of life you are, know that you are loved, beyond infinity. You really do not have to be a star or a celebrity. Whatever may be your definition of success and whether you reach it or not, please be sure of one thing – you are a special person – a limited edition. There is nobody in the Universe like you. You deserve all the happiness in the world – and be sure that you can count on that graceful Lord who is by your side, always.

Maybe life has been a rough ride. Maybe you have qualms about things or people or events. Just trust in your Self and maybe this time, things will turn out just the way you planned. Learn to persevere. Sometimes life hits you like a 40-ton brick. And all you want is mama’s arms. But behind every adversity is opportunity. Actually, there are no adversities. It’s all opportunities, which the good Lord keeps sending our way.

Round and round it goes – know that there is a divine plan behind this all. Trust in Jesus, Allah, Krishna or whoever you pray to. Make sure that you pray. His/Her ways are magnificent. We cannot try to figure it out. Maybe the dots do not connect now – but believe that, it will, someday in the future. So, hang in there. Go drink a lemonade from the lemons that life has given you, although you like apples. You will be drinking apple juice one day. Very Soon. (Just wait for a while).

Thank God for what you have been given. Don’t look at what you don’t have. There is no end to that. All material things are subject to change. Do not define your happiness by material things. For example, that car that you just bought may become mediocre after 1 month of use. This kind of happiness is temporary. Base your happiness on the Lord. Because amidst this changing world, He/She never changes and neither does His/Her love.

So let me a see a smile on your face because you will always be beautiful in my eyes. (says the Lord)

Thanks : Joshua Kadison / Steve Jobs

Why you should be bullish on India ?

Today I saw, Mr. Adi Godrej (Godrej Industries) on a TV Channel saying that he is very bullish on India’s prospects. In fact, he mentioned about a possibility of India growing at double digits in the next year or in the years to come. Made me think. So here’s my take :

IMF had predicted a 7.6% growth for India in 2016-2017. This became 7.1% due to demonetization. (real numbers we will get to know by end of the fiscal) If you look at the entire global economy, there are so many volatilities that 7.1% also seems to be an impressive rate of growth. But the best is yet to come, I believe, for the following reasons.

  1. Demonetization – Blessing in Disguise.

The government has made a bold move to discontinue old currency to curb black money from the system. This has opened the skeleton box of unaccounted money and brought it to the limelight. Of course, all of the unaccounted money is not out, but it’s a boon for the hardworking Indians who pay taxes.

  1. Cashless Society

This is the corollary of the above. The government is pushing all Indians towards a cash free society (in turn leading to less of unaccounted transactions and ease of use) All those who have a mobile phone are eligible to benefit from this move. Also now all transactions can be monitored to the last penny. India has already employed Aadhar (The largest digitization of a nation on the planet) and 90% of people (who have Aadhar) till now can be benefitted by this (for example, a person can easily open a bank account with his Aadhar details)

  1. GST

With GST (likely to be implemented from July 2017 onwards) there will be one single umbrella of the tax man making it easier to transact for any particular situation. Today, the taxes are so complex and there are also loopholes (legal) which people tend to use to avoid taxes. GST will hopefully put an end to this. It’s very unfortunate to note that a majority of the people do not pay taxes. GST will make them willing contributors – at least that’s the aim. However, the devil is in the details. The implementation will show us where the rubber meets the road.

  1. IT industry smiling even when things are looking uncertain.

India is an exporter of IT products and people. With US being 60% of its revenue, 30% from Europe and 10% remaining, it’s true that when US sneezes, the world catches a cold. However, with the recent changes in US (Cap on H-1B’s, immigrants etc) things may look a little uncertain. The India IT companies are addressing the risks bravely. For example, employing Americans on-site. The start up phenomenon in India is rising. Soon, there will be lot of products for local consumption, as in the past also, there have been many. On an average, a company spends 12-15% of its revenues for digitization. This discretionary spend is likely to increase in the coming years. Non-IT companies will start gobbling up IT companies for competitive advantage. Although the number of startup’s incubating in India (every year) is 10% of its US counterparts, this is likely to improve.

  1. Global uncertainty

This boils down to two things :

  • Natural Phenomenon
  • Phenomenon created by us

While the formal is not under our control, we can take remedial steps. For example, if there is a tsunami, we can’t do anything, except to take precautionary measures. The turnaround time to counter such disasters has to come down. So much so that, we should aim for zero casualities. If we stand united, we can achieve this. – using technology.

The second aspect is man made – for example vandalism, killing and other atrocities going under the guise of different names. Have you noticed that the media is also spreading  negative news faster than the ones which are positive. My humble request to all those disturbing the peace of the planet – please stop.

India, although being the spiritual capital of the world, has maximum number of blasts in a country, not seen anywhere in the world. My head hangs in shame. The world has to become a better place for everyone and India can show the way. Towards happiness – towards pleasantness – towards fulfillment – towards liberty – for one and for all.

And this truly would be the double digit growth that we are aiming for !!!


Essay on Work


Work is worship. Work should be your deepest expression of love which manifests in the world. Do not work with antipathy. It’s better to stay away from such forms of work. Work like a painter who paints his most beautiful painting, like a carpenter who whistles away when he is sawing or like a movie star who forgets himself and gets so immersed in the character. Work is what you will be known by, whatever be the type of it. So give it your best shot.

If you are unhappy for some reason with your work, redo it. Practice. Practice. Practice. There is no other cause of beautiful work. When preparation meets opportunity, you get success. It may not be in your first try, but nevertheless, keep trying. One day you will get it. There is no work that is 100% complete. Work is a process of improvement and you have to have the mentality of a student to excel. Keep learning and improving yourself.

Sometimes work is also referred to as duty. That last word adds a severe connotation to it. Duty is prime and there is nothing bigger than it. Love, yes. But duty has a moral tinge to it. Hence it sometimes is more sacredly held than love. Love for duty. Yes, and that is the best. Sometimes you may have to do things which you are not comfortable with, in the line of duty. The only thing is you should be wise enough to know so. Your biggest duty is to keep yourself happy which in turn makes others around you also happy.

Give all you have got and see how any mundane work can become a source of joy. Work rightly done will bring a lot of happiness. But mind you, you have to train yourself. There is no work that you learn from your mother’s womb, except to suckle. When we encounter the world, with our value system, we start defining what we will and what we will not do. This is good as long as the value system is sound. Once that is in the right place, unleash yourself onto the world.

Good work will never bring grief. As your work starts improving, you will find yourself becoming more confident and energetic. The shadows of doubt that used to prevail beneath your skin will evaporate away. Take to work like a fish to water. Breathe it, feel it and accomplish it. Leave an indelible mark for the world which will witness your work and appreciate the things you have done. Further, take work as duty towards God. You will never go wrong.

Essay on Pain

We all go through this sometime through our life. Look at pain as a means of making us more strong. The deeper the pain, the more we bounce back. But we must try. The rebound is not automatic. Pain is the opposite of happiness, when we have to struggle to keep us intact. People go through a mild headache to various depressions and still make a comeback. If you are in pain, my suggestion to you, seek out a remedy. God will ease your pain.


Pain is something we all have to experience in order to make the experience of happiness meaningful. God doesn’t give us pain. It’s caused as a result of our body or mind straying away from the normal. Always pay heed to moderation. This is good. Do not do anything in excess or be frugal. Absorb the right amount. Have a proper lifestyle and stay in a positive frame of mind. You will find that you are surrounded by happiness everywhere.

Some people think that the pain is caused by the devil. Let me assure you that there is no such thing as a devil. And some resort to witchcraft and some ancient methods to drive the pain away, but that is useless. It’s a false belief of some people. Yes, pain needs to be treated, otherwise it aggravates. There is a remedy for most of the pains, except some chronic ones. But medical science is making progress and soon we would have rooted out pain in all its forms.

If you are in pain, I suggest you just hang in there. There will be better times, when you will be surrounded by sunlight, blue in color. (the spirit world) With no trace of pain ever, you will be ushered into happy only worlds and I mean. when you are living, you will enjoy all this. Pray to God regularly. Look after your body and mind. What you feed them is what you get as results. Remember to be moderate in what you do. Do not fluctuate on extremes. It can be non-beneficial for you.

Do not try to substitute one pain for another. The situation will get worse. Bear the pain with treatment of course. Like I said, there will be better times. Right now the pain body needs rest. Hence go to sleep. Do not worry about tomorrow. Actually you should never. Otherwise you may get an anxiety attack. Pain is nothing but an imbalance. Treat it like you would treat a child. With lot of care and candies. (medicines) Soon you will find that pain vanishes into the darkness of the night. Claim your right to happiness. You are worth it.

Essay on Entertainment

This is something which we cannot afford to miss. But what is really entertainment? It’s a means of getting engaged in something fruitful. It can become an addiction, beware. Earlier people used to watch a natural waterfall or a mountain to get entertained. That was before the era of TV’s. Now we get entertained by artificial waterfalls and mountains. Although the effect is not the same, the feeling is, albeit a bit lower in strength.

Sitting on a computer we can get entertained by music or a video or simply browsing websites. We go out and watch movies and talk shows to get entertained. Entertainment is central to our being today. But there are so many nefarious things that goes under the guise of entertainment that it has become difficult to draw a line between the good and the bad. For instance there is so much of violence in TV’s and games, that our kids are getting addicted to.

Entertainment should be clean. Pure fun. It should make us happy without agitating our nerves. If we watch a movie that leaves us with some of the petty emotions that we have, it’s not done it’s job. Entertainment must make us happy. It should leave an indelible mark on our being and transform our thinking from one plane to a higher plane. It should also help us explore more avenues of such good entertainment. Hence be careful of what you watch or hear.


One of the best forms of entertainment is that which educates us. For example, in our quest to study further we may take up a course. View this also as an entertainment option. A real life tour of people living in difficult times can also awaken our charitable senses to do some things for others. Kids being taken out on picnics, say a tour of a museum or the aquatic world is also a good form of educative entertainment. We must encourage entertainment in such a way that it should educate.

Entertainment of sports is also quite appreciable. But things which have cruelty in it should not be called as entertainment. I firmly deny the aspects of such forms of entertainment which trigger our lower base instincts. Entertainment is a form of love and that’s the way it should remain. A means to make other people happy and prosperous. In whatever form , we have to acknowledge that it’s a powerful medium of conveying the joy of others and that should be the paramount goal.

Essay on Technology

Technology brings us closer to God. How is that you may ask me? Imagine life without telephones and Tv’s . Telephones connect us to each other. If we have an expression of joy we can send it across using a telephone. Even grief. Doesn’t mean that grief sharing is not conducive to happiness. They who grieve more realize more of the depths of happiness. TV’s help us keep occupied. I’m not debating on the content right now. But it’s better than idleness you will agree?

Today the computer is helping us socialize and also make some of our difficult jobs easier. Robots in factories achieve work with so much precision, that we can’t seem to do by ourselves. But technology for technology’s sake is not good. It has to help us in a way that was not there before. Technology at its core is a strange mixture of electricity and magnetism that works in a predictable way. Herein lies the difference between us and these machines. The catch word is ‘predictable.’


Some people worry that a world ahead in technology causes problems. To which my answer is : There is a pro and con in each and everything. If technology brings us happiness, choose only that part of it. We are free to ignore the bad part. In life choice is essential. We can choose the long road or the short one. That is why God gave us wisdom. Technology sometimes cuts short the time required to realize God. There are hypnotisms, NLP’s (Neuro Linguistic Programming) etc achievable by use of technology today.

And it helps people to reach a higher level of being which means getting closer to God. I use a word processor to write, and it’s so helpful. I enjoy writing, and in turn it takes me closer towards God, I believe. Thus each person using the flairs of technology should be able to find God faster and thus realize the benefit of being a human being, The ability to realize God. And technology helps us in doing that. There are many applications of technology whose scope is beyond the discussion now.

Software and Hardware which are like the mind and the brain are being put to use in varied applications. Today at the touch of a button, you are able to read a newspaper and at another click you can share that with the whole world. The world is getting smaller, they say. And it’s true. The 0’s and 1’s are nothing but an extension of God’s dream for us, so that we can appreciate him better and maybe build a world where everyone will be happy. That to me seems to be the plan.

Essay on Education

In today’s world, education is of paramount importance. Education ideally should be a birthright, but there are many who languish in not getting educated and hence not finding proper jobs. Education is like light which dispels away darkness. Hence everybody should get an opportunity to waive their darkness away. Education taught in schools and colleges is not enough. We need to get more of life education, to be able to afford a living and to be happy.


Education is often mistaken with literacy. The ability to read or write is simply the first step towards a constant and continuing education in the school of life. Education should not be rote learning, as is portrayed by lots of schools. We need to educate people to be happy, because only a happy person can make others happy. True education is education about getting closer to God, to realize his gifts and make us of them properly.

Everyone of us seems to be gifted with some skills. But still we have frustrated lawyers wanting to become doctors or accountants wanting to become engineers. Do not confuse a living with life skill. Your life skill may be different from your education. Go after it. Because we should do only what we love to do. If at all we are taught something in the schools and colleges, the uppermost should be realization of our natural skills. That will go a long way in building the happy individual.

Education should not dwell on the obscene or crime or as such. We have to teach our kids the positive aspects of life and dwell on their strengths. Still we find that newspapers and magazines carry more of negative content. As our kids get exposed to this, they think that life is such. Education should have a moral code attached to it. At the right ages we should expose our kids to the right content. A value based education is the need of the hour.

It’s strange that we learn things like calculus and mechanics for being an engineer, but nobody teaches them how to find God. God based education amicable to all religions or plain simple spirituality should be taught in these institutions. Because the greatest education for a person is to have felt the love of God and lived his way upon some moral commandments. Unfortunately we do not teach all this in our schools and colleges. The highest knowledge is the knowledge of God and there is no greater education.

Essay on Greed

The only type of greed that is good is the one that takes you one more step closer towards God. Greed for love, for happiness etc. The Almighty has given all of us bountiful resources of the nature to be enjoyed by all of us. But some of us hoard these treasures and some willingly give it away. Don’t be mean. Everyone wants three square meals a day, a place to sleep, clean up, excrete and good healthcare and schools. I don’t know why this is impossible.clip_image001

It is, if you look at the present world. Some people have looted the world more than necessary and keeping the loot to themselves. After drinking your fill, you should let the rivers be used by others who are thirsty. This is the right approach. Why do we need to stock the water. Because stored water can be full of disease causing germs, unlike a river that flows. But still we want the whole river for ourselves. Who has given us a birthright on this?

There is nothing above God’s laws. Although he has given people free will, he meant this to be put into ‘just’ force. And most of all ‘Greed for money’. I’m not saying that this is bad. But money works when it’s put to use for the right purpose. Make a million (if that’s what your financial goal is) and be happy. Do not covet for more. The more the greed, the more the unhappiness. Put the money that you have to proper use and that would last a lifetime of gratitude to you from some innocent bystanders.

Be greedy for love. Love of god. There is nothing more nobler than this. And if you look at life from a holistic perspective, you will soon realize that this is all there is to it. Nothing more, nothing less. If you find a room full of darkness, light a lamp if you have a candle, don’t just leave the place without doing your part. And after all, where are you going to take away all your belongings. On the death bed, you cannot take a single feather out of this.

Greed is good in the right proportions. People who say that all types of greed is bad are wrong. Greed takes us forward causing us to act. Hence some of them are good. Like I said earlier, greed of love, position (which entails us to do things) and greed for happiness are good. Anything that takes us towards God is good. So have greed but focus it in the right direction. Have your fill, but remember there are others waiting in the queue just besides you. Be a little more generous.

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