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Essay on Education

In today’s world, education is of paramount importance. Education ideally should be a birthright, but there are many who languish in not getting educated and hence not finding proper jobs. Education is like light which dispels away darkness. Hence everybody should get an opportunity to waive their darkness away. Education taught in schools and colleges is not enough. We need to get more of life education, to be able to afford a living and to be happy.


Education is often mistaken with literacy. The ability to read or write is simply the first step towards a constant and continuing education in the school of life. Education should not be rote learning, as is portrayed by lots of schools. We need to educate people to be happy, because only a happy person can make others happy. True education is education about getting closer to God, to realize his gifts and make us of them properly.

Everyone of us seems to be gifted with some skills. But still we have frustrated lawyers wanting to become doctors or accountants wanting to become engineers. Do not confuse a living with life skill. Your life skill may be different from your education. Go after it. Because we should do only what we love to do. If at all we are taught something in the schools and colleges, the uppermost should be realization of our natural skills. That will go a long way in building the happy individual.

Education should not dwell on the obscene or crime or as such. We have to teach our kids the positive aspects of life and dwell on their strengths. Still we find that newspapers and magazines carry more of negative content. As our kids get exposed to this, they think that life is such. Education should have a moral code attached to it. At the right ages we should expose our kids to the right content. A value based education is the need of the hour.

It’s strange that we learn things like calculus and mechanics for being an engineer, but nobody teaches them how to find God. God based education amicable to all religions or plain simple spirituality should be taught in these institutions. Because the greatest education for a person is to have felt the love of God and lived his way upon some moral commandments. Unfortunately we do not teach all this in our schools and colleges. The highest knowledge is the knowledge of God and there is no greater education.

Essay on Greed

The only type of greed that is good is the one that takes you one more step closer towards God. Greed for love, for happiness etc. The Almighty has given all of us bountiful resources of the nature to be enjoyed by all of us. But some of us hoard these treasures and some willingly give it away. Don’t be mean. Everyone wants three square meals a day, a place to sleep, clean up, excrete and good healthcare and schools. I don’t know why this is impossible.clip_image001

It is, if you look at the present world. Some people have looted the world more than necessary and keeping the loot to themselves. After drinking your fill, you should let the rivers be used by others who are thirsty. This is the right approach. Why do we need to stock the water. Because stored water can be full of disease causing germs, unlike a river that flows. But still we want the whole river for ourselves. Who has given us a birthright on this?

There is nothing above God’s laws. Although he has given people free will, he meant this to be put into ‘just’ force. And most of all ‘Greed for money’. I’m not saying that this is bad. But money works when it’s put to use for the right purpose. Make a million (if that’s what your financial goal is) and be happy. Do not covet for more. The more the greed, the more the unhappiness. Put the money that you have to proper use and that would last a lifetime of gratitude to you from some innocent bystanders.

Be greedy for love. Love of god. There is nothing more nobler than this. And if you look at life from a holistic perspective, you will soon realize that this is all there is to it. Nothing more, nothing less. If you find a room full of darkness, light a lamp if you have a candle, don’t just leave the place without doing your part. And after all, where are you going to take away all your belongings. On the death bed, you cannot take a single feather out of this.

Greed is good in the right proportions. People who say that all types of greed is bad are wrong. Greed takes us forward causing us to act. Hence some of them are good. Like I said earlier, greed of love, position (which entails us to do things) and greed for happiness are good. Anything that takes us towards God is good. So have greed but focus it in the right direction. Have your fill, but remember there are others waiting in the queue just besides you. Be a little more generous.

Essay on World

The world is also called ‘mykhana’ (Hindi) in some songs, which means a place where people go to drink. And what do they drink in this bar? Their daily dose of experience, which can be positive or negative. Let this not affect you. Life is bigger than the day to day experience of this world. Of course, this is also part of life, but nevertheless, we should not call it as our entire life, as there is more to life than meets the eye. A ship with a strong sail does not topple with the wind.

The world can be a very dangerous place, as we may meet some people who may have a treacherous nature. These people drag us down from our lofty aspirations. Stay away from such people. Be only with them who realize your true potential and egg you on. And I mean it from the heart, not just a plastic smile. There are people who would sincerely wish the best for you and don’t think that they have to be relatives or friends. The gesture may also come from a wayward beggar.


Basically to deal with the world, you have to read people. Those who are on your side and those who are not. Now everybody is on his own side, but not at the expense of others. Live life morally strong, so that you do not do some of the ghastly things that some people seem to do. Do not just look for happiness for yourself, give some back to people who are in need. The world has its own ways of rewarding and punishing people. But remember none of these laws are above divine laws.

You come across people who fear God, then you come across people who act as if they are the only beneficiaries of God. Different people, but see through people’s intentions. Join hands with people you know who won’t create obstacles in your path and be in sincere friendship with them. You will find that such alliances are uplifting. Sometimes you don’t have much of a choice. For example there is a bully in your group. Do not heed him/her.

There is also a set of individuals who are set out to make this world a better place. In case your goals appeal, you can join them. Or in your own way, make a contribution (not necessarily money) to those goals which God would approve of. That should be the yardstick. What we do in the world comes back to us as our karma. Bad actions bring bad results and good actions bring good results. And remember the most important thing. The action is yours but the reward is entirely in the hands of God.

Essay on God

The greatest of all. He/She is everywhere. Inside each and every atom that sustains the universe. In those large expanse of silence. In those paddy fields and that river that keeps humming throughout and those cliffs of the giant mountain looking menacing and those snowfalls of the winter months and in the depths of the unexplored mighty oceans and that great big blue sky and beneath the earth’s surface and in one word – ubiquitous.


We came from God and we return back to God. Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita says that only 1% of his opulence sustains the universe. We do not know the remaining 99%. Prophet Mohammad in the Koran says that the Almighty is closer to us than the vein that runs through our neck. And indeed it is true. He/She is the knower of all things and can be described in just one single word. Love. Yes that’s what He/She is. Known by different names, He/She is one and all, that has ever been or that will ever be.

God is the highest experience that we should all desire. Love is His/Her gift to us. And so is everything that can be perceived by us. He/She is a super natural power that cares for us to the nth degree and is the most gracious and loving being. No matter whatever we may have gone through or done, He/She still loves us. Despite anything. There is nothing that is hidden from his view. His/Her presence is everywhere and he keeps giving us all that we want. (His/Her love is unconditional)

As far as we are concerned, we should be returning His/Her love back in ample ways that are possible. Like for instance by helping others, by being more caring for the environment etc. We say our daily prayers yet then next moment we become so immersed in ourselves that we forget Him/Her and do things as we wish, when all of His/Her time He/She has been just thinking about us. Helping us, nurturing us and feeding us whenever we were hungry.

The least that we can do for Him/Her is that we do not hurt others and try to help them Console them when they cry, feed them when they are hungry – but most of all first change ourselves to be upright, honest human beings. And go after one thing in life – God Realization. Because that is the only purpose of life. To feel Him/Her in all his might and pay respects to Him/Her. Is there anything else in life worthier than this? Yes. To live a life of love. His/Her way.

Essay on Love

The only reason why we are here – (1) To feel love. (2) To enjoy love. (3) To spread love.

Love is the uppermost emotion of our soul. You know how wonderful it feels to be loved and being lovable. God has created us for this only – and nothing but this only. All other emotions feel petty besides this one. So go out and search for love. Chances are you will get it. And once you do, remember to share it with everyone. Otherwise its strength goes waste. Love is pure magic. It’s that ‘Aha’ moment, when we feel like we are lifted to the sky.


Love comes in various forms. Brotherly love, motherly love, spouse love, love from children, love from your pet and so on. You may experience many of them in different ways. How can you be so sure if its love? Well your heart is calibrated for that. So do not worry. You will feel it, when it is love. There is no mistaking. Love expands and makes us feel lighter. Also love brings a lot of happiness to us. Feel it, enjoy it and spread it. Your life will be fuller.

If you are in the pursuit of love, and it brings hurt, note that love is giving you one more chance to find it and embellish it in all ways possible. Keep searching and you will find it. But sometimes you may have to persevere. So hang in there and you will get there one day. Promise. If you are charged with love, all your actions manifest in bringing love to others. Work from this angle, because it will bring you success. Guaranteed.

Let the hurt from the past go. Remember Beatles’s song ‘Let it Be. ‘ Be a new individual. Trust more. Help more. Enjoy more. You may sometimes feel love from inanimate objects also. Like say a blue ocean or a rocky mountain. Well, this is just part and parcel of the game. These kind of wonders are a bonus. Capture them in the deep recesses of your memory and savour them as much as you can. You are a special human being and you deserve nothing less than love.

Love in the greatest form can be felt when you give it. That act of kindness or that act of courage is something that people will remember forever. Be a sensitive human being. Know that others are also going through some situations like you are. Extend a gentle hand to them. Try to pacify a little crying kid, or give a rose to a loved one. All these acts and others which simply bring a light of love into people’s lives are what matters. Rest is conversation.

Essay on Life


As you whiz past time, remember to stop and smell the roses. Life is a journey and there is no destination. You may have set goals. But those are temporary in nature. Once you reach them you have another set, which you set out to achieve. And life goes on like that, from one possible destination to another. Some of you may be living without goals. That’s also fine, as long as you are happy. Enjoy the journey. Many a times you will come across situations which are difficult. Do not avoid them. Face them with full courage. God will give you enough strength to do so. Remember the saying in the Bible ‘And it came to pass.’ There is no situation put in front of you, by destiny, which you cannot tackle. You have been given enough strength and perseverance to face them. So like I said, however heart-breaking it might be, you have got to live this life and face your worst fear. Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Another thing about life – It’s a short one. So be graceful; treat people with respect and spread joy to others. Be their Santa Claus. Do not let undermining emotions get in your way. Even if they do, shake them off as fast as possible. Always be in an optimistic positive mood, despite anything. Cheer up, treat yourself to a cookie or a drink whenever you feel that you have done something right. Do not waste life in petty emotions. Stand up and claim your life. That’s the only one you have got. Remember you attract what you are, and not what you want. So raise your vibrations.

Even if you miss an opportunity, do not worry. God keeps sending them often. But don’t miss them all. Latch on to a couple of them. Steer your ship by your inner compass. Let no one else do that for you. Remember it’s your life after all. Even if you make a mistake, you will be happy because you and only you, are responsible for it. Do not put off things, because if it has snowed today, chances are it may, tomorrow also. So do not wait for the sun to shine or an auspicious time. There is no such thing.

The greatest life is that which takes us towards God. Although, subconsciously we are connected, we have to witness His/Her marvels in the light of our conscious being. That life which takes us towards God, step by step, is a life worth living. God always will love you, no matter what. So be confident of that, however bad you screw up. And in the end, treat failure as a lesson. You have to take it that way. Learn the lesson and then toss away the past. Begin a new future. Live life in the present. Fully. Don’t forget to smile – because you are special.

It’s about the data, not the program

Computing is simply about 2 things :

  • Data

  • Program

Which came first ? Of course, the data. What do we mean by data ? Well, data is something that is pure, untouched, virgin, pristine or simply not processed. For example milk that we get from a cow is data. When this milk is converted into yogurt or clarified butter or cheese, then it becomes information, which is another word for processed data.

Image result for robots images


Data in its raw state is like mother nature. As long as we see things objectively, we are witnessing the true side of things. We really don’t need a program to see nature, as it is. This viewing without any affliction’s is called Chitta (a part of our mind). Not many of us see with the Chitta of our mind.

Instead, most of us view nature subjectively through our values, beliefs, ideas, opinions etc. Hence what we see may appear colored, whereas it’s not. This is what happens when we use a program. It converts the meaning of pure data into a higher abstraction called information. This further becomes knowledge (actionable information) and Intelligence (patterns). Finally this intelligence is converted into wisdom through our experience. Wisdom is nothing but the discrimination between good and bad. If the wisdom that we acquire by processing data is good, well then the purpose of the data is served. However, if we stop at knowledge or intelligence, then the interpretation of that data is left to the observer. Every single one of us has a subjective universe, existing in our mind. We spin dreams and stories upon stories to protect what we think is right. If you look at nature, it doesn’t have any contradictions. We do. Because we see things through our lens.

Now what does this have to do with computing ? Well our brain is the algorithm that acts on data collected by our five senses (limited) and interprets it to arrive at some conclusion. A program is simply a set of instructions which operates on data. (or should I say a version of the data). In order for the program to do a good job, it must have the right data. If there are 10,000 data points in a problem, all of them should be available to the program. Sampling or extrapolating won’t be as useful as ‘N’ or all data points. Now you see why MDM (Master Data Management) is so crucial.

GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out.

With the advent of Big Data, the data from various sources are being crunched to give a unified view of the situation. However, note that too many data sources may worsen the output. Only use as many datasets, as is required.The days when the data used to go where the program is located is becoming extinct. Now the program goes to data. (Hadoop)

The algorithm is getting complex. But even the smartest AI algorithm that we have today pales in comparison to what a single human cell does in a second (3 trillion operations)

Miles to go  before we sleep … (Robert Frost)

The moon is shining in the sky, whether we look up or not.

In a similar way, unbiased or unadulterated data is out there ,for our contemplation, We don’t need a program to realize that (Stillness of the mind).

To end this, I quote the Bible ‘Be Still, And know that I’m God’

Hurry leads to worry

Most of us are in hurry. If we have an appointment, we are anxious to reach the destination on time. If we are held in traffic, we start getting uncomfortable, so much so that it irritates us. (sometimes we honk) If the computer takes the time to load a web page, we hate waiting. If there is a queue outside the bank, we hate to wait. We do not have the patience to watch long videos on Youtube. To cross the road which has a lot of traffic, we do not have the patience to wait till the traffic has subsided, so that we may cross safely. Why are we in such a hurry? The answer is – we do not have the patience to wait. Given a short path and a long path to the destination, we choose the short one, without realizing that sometimes the long path is worth the while. I have read a quote somewhere, which goes like this :
When I was walking, I saw two roads in front of me, a short one and a long one. I chose the long one, and I’m glad that I did.

Shortcuts are not helpful always. Sometimes the long road may be the right one for you. Do not get obsessed with shortcuts. You may have saved some seconds, but there may be a price to pay. And this will manifest in the form of stress, which may lead to other diseases.

Learn to wait. It’s an art. Try to sit still for 10 minutes. How many of you can do that? Have you heard the saying ‘Be still and know that I’m God’! Quieten your mind, which is causing the hurry.

In offices, you have deadlines. This creates anxiety. We are constantly working under pressure to meet a deadline. Do not stuff your schedule with more than what you can handle. Queen Band (Freddie Mercury) has a beautiful song called ‘Under Pressure’. That’s the bane of mankind. All of us are in a hurry. Which leads to confusion and anxiety.
Learn to be still for say 5-10 minutes in a day. This means watching your thoughts, till they subside.This is the simpler form of meditation.
As you increase the amount of time that you spend in silence, you will naturally be at peace always. This world is a very crazy place. But we cannot live in exclusion and have our promises to pay.

The only way you can manage to be at peace anytime, anyplace, anywhere is not getting touched by the events that happen every day. Like a lotus leaf that lives in mud, but does not become dirty by its influence.

Stay calm.
There is absolutely no hurry.


P.S. : I am also a victim of worry.

How to use AirDroid–Wireless communication between your PC and Android device

AirDroid is a software which allows communication between your PC (Desktop / Laptop / Notebook) and Android device (Phone / Tablet) over your Wi-Fi network.

All you need to do is install AirDroid on your Android >>>


Click on Get it on Google Play now and you will be taken to Google Play store.

Download the app and install it on your mobile device. Now run it.

You will get a screen like this


This is a snapshot of my mobile phone. If you carefully observe, the devices which are connected on the same Wi-Fi are shown.

To connect your PC to the Phone (or whatever mobile device) open your browser and type the IP address shown on the screen under the heading ‘AirDroid Web’

In this case it is

Now I will show you the screen on my laptop’s chrome browser, once I have typed in the IP address.



If you see above, I have typed in the browser and it pops up a page as above. Now you will get a request on your mobile device just like the picture of the mobile shown above. Press accept on your mobile device. This will throw up a screen like this on your browser :


There are essentially four parts of the screen as shown below :


On the left you see different things you can do – for example you can call through the PC. The number will be automatically dialled for you. You can send SMS messages. You can view files.

On the right top side you see my mobile device details. In this case it’s a Micromax mobile phone running Android 5.0.

In the centre you see a toolbox having four functionalities

  • 1. File

File button is selected by default. You see the Upload to bar. Here you can choose the location on your mobile phone where files from PC have to be transferred. Simply drag the files (say from your explorer window) to the box ‘Drag and Drop Files or Folders here’. This will transfer the files and folders to the upload location that you have chosen.

  • 2. URL

The URL section will display the URL that you type in the browser on your mobile phone.


  • The Clipboard will paste whatever you type in it’s box into your mobile phone.
  • 4. App

Here you can drag and drop the APK files from your PC to the mobile phone. All you need to do to install this app is to run it on the phone.

Now we come to the bottom right of the screen which shows things like the connection, Wi-Fi strength and battery charge.


There is a desktop version of AirDroid also available which has some features, but all you require to get it working is the app on the mobile and a browser on your PC.

So you see wirelessly your mobile device can communicate with your PC. No need of Bluetooth.

You can also download your mobile phone contents to your PC.

Imagine calling from your PC (without typing on your mobile) or for that matter sending messages.

Seems a little spooky, right !

So go ahead, try it out and let me know if you liked AirDroid, in the comments section below.

 10 Techno Spiritual predictions for 2017


  1. Virtual Reality (VR) finally becomes mainstream

We have seen 2D/3D/4D in the movies. Virtual reality is the next frontier. Promising a unique experience of a world created by experts, this technology today is set to change the way we view our surroundings. Virtual Reality headsets like Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive immerses us into a new  universe, where we feel that the artificial world created is real. Our 5 senses are being tapped to make this experience as real as it can be. However, content for Virtual reality today is sparse. I see a lot of action happening in this area where newer content (not just games) will get created. After all, content is king. Two other related technologies namely 360 degree views and Augmented Reality – AR (Projection of a virtual world onto the real) will also gain momentum. An example of AR technology is Pokemon Go and you may be knowing how popular it became.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) invades the house

The rise of virtual assistants like Siri, Google Now etc. is undisputed. As voice recognition gets better, more ground will be covered. By this I mean, people all over the world would be able to communicate with these assistants in the accent and the language that they speak. Amazon Echo and similar products pack a great amount of AI in them. Although these are in the primordial stage, algorithms are getting smarter. You must also have come across Jarvis (Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg) which is a AI helper at home. For instance you will be able to tell it to switch of the lights, toast your bread or switch on the AC. Skype (Microsoft) is making strides into communication between people of various languages. It offers near real time conversion from source to destination language. (for a Skype to Skype Call) They are going to open it up to all different vectors like Skype to landline, mobile phone etc. I see this happening by the end of this year.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is a term coined for devices communicating with each other and humans. As more and more tools get connected to the internet, we have to figure out a way in which they will converse and interconnect with each other. These devices can be anything like a sensor, a Fridge, a TV etc. trying to talk to another device like a Computer where all this data is getting collected. Imagine for example, you have a mobile phone. The data that it is in the pink of the health is very useful for the manufacturer to monitor and improve their phones in the future. And if any parameters are skewed, this information is useful for their support teams and customer service. There are edge devices, propagators and integrators in the IoT subsystem. (More on IoT) These participants must securely and speedily do their functions. I see IoT being rapidly adapted by companies for a competitive advantage. This will happen by the mid to end of the year.

  1. The rise of Analytics and Big Data

In August 2015, we had 4.4 Zettabytes of data (1 Zettabytes = 10 ^ 21) in our world. By 2020, it’s expected to touch 20 Zettabytes. Despite the massive deluge of data, only 2-5% has been analysed. The rest is just sitting there, waiting to be processed. This data is because of the proliferation of newer devices and form factors. On top of that they are all connected to the Internet. Big Data architectures like Hadoop and Spark are useful, but as the data scales, we need more and more hardware to hold such data. The answer is the Cloud. Amazon (AWS) for example has an AWS IoT service to tackle data coming from IoT devices. Likewise, we have Google, Microsoft and other vendors who will open up to such solutions. All this data in the cloud has to be resilient, secure and consistent. Analytic tools are the last leg of the IoT chain. There are many tools like Tableau, QlikView etc, available in the market. But their performance will be dictated by the infrastructure that they are running on. To this end, I see lot of integration (like NoSQL databases and Analytic RDBMS) happening. Also analytic tools will have machine learning plugged into them. The work will start this year.

  1. The new programming languages paradigm

As we live in a world of thousands of programming languages, we know that only some see the light of the day. However the truth is that each one of these languages are meant for specific use cases. For example, for writing Android applications, Java is mainstream. For IoT (edge devices and propagators) C, C++ and Java are used mainly. This is because C and C++ are closer to the machine. For a parallel processing architecture like Hadoop system, we use Python, Scala and Haskell. Of this Python is more user friendly, however Scala and Haskell are faster. Scala especially is a good fit for parallel processing. If you want functional programming, you resort to Haskell. There are many other choices, but my prediction is that for the backend (especially data intensive ones) Scala will rule. So will Python. For UI, Javascript (especially with Angular, jQuery, Node) will become more stronger. As far as Apps are concerned (iOS) SWIFT will make leaps and replace the old Objective C completely. These will happen over the course of the year.


  1. A global awakening is on the cards

As people become frustrated with material things and as they realize that they do not bring real happiness, a quest for a more enduring pleasantness will lead people to newer avenues. The ephemeral nature of things will lead people to seek the truth within themselves. We will all crave for an ‘A-ha’ (for the lack of a better word) experience and instead of resorting to substances or other external stimulants, we will to pursue the real that is to say – looking within ourselves. The root of the problem is not habits, ego, mind or however we are used to seeing us divided. We are basically one individual who is a spirit trapped within the body. The fact that they are spiritual beings will dawn upon people as they learn to control their mind and let go off thoughts and emotions. The answer is in Silence and those who embrace it will lead a more healthy and effective life. I see this realization happening for more and more people by the end of the year.

  1. Happiness seeking techniques

World over people will resort to various ways that can bring them happiness. As the yearning for material things decreases (controlling desires) there will be a rise in spiritual levels. People will tend to realize that it is not the desires themselves, but the attachment to them, that is the cause of their downfall. Yoga is being practiced by many. (not just the asanas) The true meaning of yoga is being one with God. For this, we have to walk the path of yoga (Karma, Gnana or Bhakti) This is an ongoing process, but as people learn to embolden themselves on these paths and make progress on a regular basis, they will find becoming more happy. Meditation is another area which immensely increases ones level of pleasantness. Practicing Silence daily, the right diet and mind control will give an increased sense of satisfaction. Likewise, there are many other practices to become a more peaceful individual. I see a rise in adoption of meditation and yoga in the world this year.

  1. The decline in conflicts around the world

Major areas of tensions in the world include a conflict of interests. Strife happens because of rigid beliefs. The war is not between the good and the bad. It’s one person’s belief against that of another. And as deep rooted these beliefs are, the more grave the problem. Religion, caste, culture, ethnicity and other factors are so deeply embedded within us, we find it difficult to view the world through an untainted lens. The simple fact that we are all the children of one God and we are all connected by a divine fabric is just beginning to get into people’s mind. As more and more people embrace this reality, the world will become a better place to live. There are always some hard core basket cases, who are even willing to die for their distorted beliefs. But these people are not the norm. Most of us want a peace and a happy life. Geo-political factors will dictate the many critical areas of peace happening in their place. As people awaken to a new reality and as the hard core fanatics are rooted out, the world will see a new dawn of peace which we all should be able to embrace. I’m not speaking of utopia, but there will be a reduction in violence in this year, as we all live together as brothers and sisters.

Techno Spirituality

  1. Technology as a means of self realization

What is self realization ? It’s a feeling of joy within us always. When our mind does not interfere in the ways of our living, we tend to do better. Gadgets and software is available in all areas of improvement :

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

Some people mistakenly think that there is a God outside of us, who is witness to all that we do. Truth be told, God is everywhere. In particles, waves, dark matter, dark energy or vacuum. There are many ways in which we can increase our physical fitness  -for example a fitbit which monitors steps we walk or our cardiac signs is a very helpful tool. For mental fitness, we can use puzzles, games and humour to keep us fit. There are many useful websites both for adults and kids, which help them in this endeavour. Emotional fitness cannot really be controlled by a gadget, but there are experiments that have been conducted which prove that different areas of the brain stimulated with electric pulses, can lead to different emotions.  Spiritual health can be tracked by applications like Jiyo and many others found on app store. I see lot of progress happening in all these areas in this year.

  1. Techno Spirituality – The final nirvana

Everyone thinks that the goal of life is Nirvana (an enhanced state of mind where we are one with all) Well, the truth is, life just has to be lived. Or experienced. There is no purpose in life. Do you find any purpose in kids playing and laughing ? Likewise, every single one of us has to find and walk his/her path. One person’s journey is not the same as another’s. We have to ascribe meaning to our lives and as they flower, we make progress in the right direction – a path towards purity or perfection. There are many technological marvels in the world that can lead us towards this. However, they are just tools. Like say the computer. It does things more accurately than us. It does not get tired and doesn’t need food or sleep. But our needs are different from that of a machine, which just requires electricity and maintenance. We have mastered the art of creating these devices and they are evolving day by day. They can assist us in our search for the truth, but they can’t walk our path. Robots, AI, Machine Learning – well these are progress for making our lives simpler. Finally, it is the human that matters – the machine is just a means of arriving at the destination. The better they get, the faster we will arrive. I see lot of progress happening in AI which will make our lives simpler. But they are not an end in itself. As machines evolve, we will have to find a new meaning for ourselves – to coexist with a new life form and to make this world a better place to live for our generations and our kids. Enjoy the journey …

Happy 2017 !!!

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