You should never take more than you give

Its the circle of life

—- Lion King

Do you believe in infinity ? That’s an absurd question. How can you believe in a number ? Some people however do. The birth number or the name number or the destiny number is important to them. They go on to think that doing something on these numbers is going to be fruitful. This kind of thinking is harmless except when you get obsessed with it. While numbers come with their own potency, most of their behaviour is probabilistic. There is no sure thing. Our karma supersedes the effect of numbers. All this talk about fate or destiny is superfluous. Your present creates the future. It is just the present that is there. Time and form are both going to get destroyed. In fact space-time is not at all, the way we perceive it. According to relativity, space-time is a relative phenomenon. Consider the present moment. Is the past or the future there when you are focussing in the present. No. Only if you are thinking does the concept of time come to you. Thoughts create the illusion of time and space. There is no space-time outside of yourself.

Imagine that you have a camera. If you take a shot, and if the focus was clear, then you would experience a moment. As you defocus, the shot gets blurred. Note that the reality doesn’t change. Outside of the camera is a reality which is existing, whether you like it or not. However this reality or the nature, does not have any existence, till your camera focuses on it. Till such time, it exists in a quantum state. Our perception of the world can be understood through this analogy. When we are wide awake and involved with the world out there, we are having a narrow focus. Its our Consciousness that is experiencing the world. That is for a moment (as long as our attention span) Consciousness forgets itself and experiences the world through our finite sense perceptions. Thoughts can defocus the lens and make us see a coloured world. As our focus blurs, like say deep sleep or Unity Consciousness, our Consciousness starts becoming aware of itself.

Now the trick. How can Infinity know itself as limited ? Well, the Infinity knows itself to be without end, however to experience each and every act of its own creation, it sacrifices the awareness of being an infinite being and perceives the world through our finite space-form-time. Right now, what we are experiencing is the mind of God. Which is infinite, but has chosen to experience itself through the finite world. And remember to experience something you need 2 things. The subject and the object. The subject is God and the object is also God. However the subject wants to experience itself. The subject surely knows that it is infinite in nature. But the object and this world created has to be experienced by the subject. Hence a finite version of the object is in the context.The only thing that is eternal here is God, rest all are illusory in nature. By illusory I mean that which has existence only in the present. God could simply be (a noun), however he/she chose to be dynamic (a verb) with the desire to know itself.

So why does the world seem to be transitory in nature ? It’s all about limitations. Today you have a computer with 8 GB of RAM, tomorrow you want it be 32 GB and so on. So what happens with this constant thirst for more ? Well, the answer to that is, we are all in search of the ultimate truth – which is God, or in other words Infinity. We human beings with our technology are just sitting on the tip of the iceberg today. There is still so much to be done to make our lives more interesting. We are constantly being aided by God, however we think that one day we will be like God. Powerful. Infinite. Well, here’s the news. That day will never happen, because deep down we are already that. With our inventions and discoveries, we will make progress, but it will never be 100% as we live in a dual world. And till the time that we don’t break out of this clutch of duality, all our progress will be limited. Turning outside is not the solution. Time that we turned inside and set ourselves free.

Much Love,

Techno Spiritual Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Author of 5 books, trainer and consultant. Seeker of the truth - inclined towards spirituality and technology. Also, love to read and write inspirational stuff.