The fire in the Fox – Getting to understand Firefox better

I started using Firefox sometime back and have never stopped till now. Although I have used other browsers,I must admit that Firefox is my favourite. Maybe it’s for the reason that I did not try other browsers enough to get attached to them.

Let me anyway tell you my experience with Firefox, starting from their logo. The logo itself raises waves of anticipation in my heart and mind and I’m eager to get to the Firefox open window. I just love the tabs – what would one do without them
– multiple windows – no way. I think tabs are more visible and alive than windows tucked away as tasks in the taskbar.

The best thing about Firefox is that it is extensible using extensions and add-ons. I still do not know the difference between the two, but why should I really care as long as my work gets done. Not being an escapist; just trying to be practical.

Some cool extensions are InterGlue, WebMailNotifier, McAfee Sit Advisor, WikiLook, Zotero, Personas etc. These are the ones that I use, and I really would have loved to talk about it. But let me hear from you if you are using any of these extensions/add-ons. There are so many extensions/add-ons that it may be more than the leaves in a banyan tree.

The Fire in the Fox refers to the extensions/add-ons of this clever product.
Hence the Fox (the base product) is a runaway hit primarily because of the
way you can customize it using extensions/add-ons.

So far so good.

Now let me tell you about Firefox, right from the heart. It’s not a program, it’s a gift from all those people who worked on it for several years and gave us this marvel. I do not know any names, but here’s three cheers and kudos to the entire team that was involved in giving us this special gift. We treasure it and thank you for the same.

P.S: I would also like to thank Firefox competitors who keep them on their toes – always up and running.

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