There is a lot to say about Google cloud. So let’s get started.

Click here >>> Google cloud (

You will see a screen like this


Now click on Go to Console on the left side of the screen

Now you will see the Console like this


You are on Google Cloud.

Keep in mind that as Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) there are 3 things to look into :

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Network

Now let me show you the Compute (Compute Engine). Just click on the 3 horizontal lines shown in picture below :


We come to the following screen :


You see COMPUTE on the left. There are four options

  • App Engine
  • Compute Engine
  • Container Engine
  • Networking

Click on the second option: Compute Engine. Now the screen looks like this :


See the options on the left :

VM Instances, Instance Groups and so on.

On the right you see a Message Box asking you to Create Instance. Now click on that. The screen will look something like this :


You see Name on the right : I have entered rajeshmenongoogleclouddemo. You can give any name you want. It should be unique.

The zone is where in the world it would be hosted. I have selected us-central1-f. If I’m not wrong that is in Texas.

Leave the machine type (it is set to the lowest configuration)

Leave the boot disk also.

You see firewall below. For HTTP/HTTPS traffic, check them on.

Now simply click Create  at the bottom.

Congratulations! Your first Compute Engine instance is created.

Now you have to start the instance. Mind you, when you start the instance, you use up CPU on the cloud. Google charges for it. However, count your luck. There is a 90 day free trial given by Google (Thanks to them) You are not charged a penny if you do not use too much of resources. That means use as much as you want to use. However, Google will ask you for your credit card details. Do it at your own risk. Remember to cancel it on/before days, if you don’t want to get charged.