Quantum Physics is the study of nature as particles and waves. This gives away the paradoxical statement that at any given point of time, both particles and waves constitute basic nature. Particles are in turn made of smaller particles. Waves are probabilistic. The observer plays a huge role in experiments, as everything that the observed displays depends on the observer and the process of observation. Scientists have observed things like the same particle being in two different places simultaneously. The observed, when under scrutiny, behaves like particles and other times, it is just some probabilistic waves. Now this is important, because quantum physics is a science of probabilities. The conclusion, if any, that can be derived from Quantum Physics is that everything is interconnected. No matter how small or how large. Nature is not an external entity that is separate from us. A force field exists subtly everywhere and that gives arise to the four basic forces. viz. Electromagnetic force, Gravitational force, Strong Nuclear force and Weak Nuclear force.

E = mc2

This is Einstein’s greatest contribution to Science. It says that mass and energy are inter-convertible. ‘c’ is the speed of light and according to the Theory of Relativity, no particle can travel faster than the speed of light. However, we have seen that this is no longer true, as Scientists have discovered particles travelling faster than light speed. Another give away of the Theory of Relativity is the concept of space-time. The universe according to this theory has four dimensions. The three of space that we can see and time, they are all warped up. Thus the entities that have mass keep bending the time around them. This according to Einstein is what makes the Earth go around the Sun and not Gravity. The space-time curve around the Sun is bent. Time is relative and so is space, from an observer’s stand point. Classical physics (Newtonian) and Relativity can explain what goes on at macro levels. But at particle level, we need something like Quantum Mechanics to explain the phenomenon.

Schrodinger’s equations and Heisenberg Uncertainty principle are bedrocks of Quantum Physics. Both of them describe the universe in probabilistic terms. This brings us to limitations. For example if we know the position of a particle, we won’t know it’s momentum and vice versa. The biggest finding of Quantum Physics is that everything is interconnected. That is because of the field that pervades everywhere. Sometimes this is also called as the Higgs field. In particle terms, it’s the Higgs-Boson particle, a.k.a God particle.It’s so difficult to detect this field, because it doesn’t seem to have any property. Like the neutrino, it does not have any charge. This field seems to be the Tao, through which other fields appear. Parallel this with Eastern Mysticism.

The Earth is modelled on the Heaven.

The Heaven is modelled on the Tao

The Tao is modelled after itself.

From the Tao, came the duality of Yin and Yang. Or the male and female. Or Shiva and Shakti. We all perceive duality in our minds. Actually, there is only one reality and that is the Tao or the Brahman as they call it. So why do we have duality ? Well, we won’t be able to appreciate day, if night was not there. We wouldn’t be joyful, had we not encountered sadness before. But beyond this seeing, is a natural way of looking at things through the unity that lies below this apparition. First we have to realize it with our mind. Slowly and surely, we have to experience it through meditation. Staying focussed on the Tao, will lead us towards it. Know that there is nothing in this Universe that is not sacred. He / She exists in all things be it small or big, be it living or dead. When we see the world through these eyes, compassion will automatically arise in our heart. And slowly the Universe will start to reveal itself. Till the time that you are not chosen, the duality will continue. So persevere and wait for your turn. When the time is ripe, the doors of the Tao will open to you and you shall for the first time in your life, experience things as they are, rather than as what they should be.

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