Once you know the essential nature of something, you know everything that is to know about it. For example, water is the same whether you see it as ice, liquid or vapor. All of them are the same H20. The manifestation is different depending upon the circumstance. Thus, through the arrow of time, we take up different bodies – child, teenager, adult etc. But who is inside is the same person or the same Consciousness. That is the only real. This deep down awareness that I’m. While reading these words also, are you aware of this presence ? This undivided, always the same entity is what we are, deep down under. Rest all – our bodies, our emotions and our thoughts are all a temporary impermanent blip in eternity. These will all go away, but the experience will stay. In fact, if you try to understand the purpose of life, there is none, except for this experiencing. The whole world arises and subsides in God’s mind, as if it were waves in an ocean. Know that you are not just the wave of the ocean, but the ocean itself pretending to be a wave.

It’s not possible to contemplate the Ocean with our puny mind. However, we can experience it, in moments of silence. Which means when the mind is quiet – no thoughts are being produced. This doesn’t necessarily have to be when we are meditating. When we are involved in a work that requires all our attention also, we can get an awakening experience. When we are playing with 100% concentration, we can have the experience. The only difference between meditation and these kinds of experience is that while meditation is done consciously, the others happen unconsciously. Mind you, in all these, the experience is of prime importance. Whether you are in a room or whether you are outdoors, what matters is what you are experiencing every moment. In short, at any point of time, it’s the sum total of your emotions, feelings and thoughts. Are you feeling high or low ? Aim for the experience that makes you forget yourself.

For God, this is all just a lila or in other words a play. If you ask a child why it’s playing, there is no answer or the best that can come by is because it feels happy when it plays. For God also, life is this huge game that goes on and on, where waves arise and subside, where the flower blooms and sheds its fragrance on the wayfarer’s and then withers away. We don’t have to artificially control any of this process. Everything happens automatically with precision. Life is this big party going on, where everyone is invited to play his/her part. Your life indicates what kind of party are you having, The kingdom of God is only available to those who accept life as a play or in other words are like children. It’s for the large hearted man having fun in all that he/she does that God showers his gifts. Actually God does love everyone equally, his gifts are readily available to those people who don’t have mental blocks. In other words, to those who have a clear channel with God.

God gives us what we need, not what we want. We may want a lot of things that may not be appropriate. Hence God filters all that and gives us what we need to go to the next level. All we need to do is to remove our discriminating mind, which comes in our way of receiving the gifts from God. Basically, there are two approaches to life:

  • Be a victim of chance
  • Dictate what you get

In the first case, we pretty much become an instrument of destiny. In the latter case, we write our own destiny. Remember, deep down we are creators, as a reflection of being God’s child. We are endowed with powers which we cannot contemplate that we possess. Take a deep dive into this reality and write your own script, because you are worth it.


Techno Spiritual Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Author of 5 books, trainer and consultant. Seeker of the truth - inclined towards spirituality and technology. Also, love to read and write inspirational stuff.