Are you using Cloud Computing ? Here are the pointers which indicate that you are using the Cloud.

  • On-demand self-service.
  • Broad network access.
  • Resource pooling.
  • Rapid elasticity.
  • Measured service.

On-demand self service

This simply means that you get served whenever you demand something. For example, when you type say, the Google site comes on your screen. This is what we mean by on-demand. You demand it, and it is available. Self service means that you can do this without depending on others or other programs. You can do it by yourself.

Broad Network Access

This is a term that indicates ubiquity of the service, which simply means that the service is available from any location. Whether you are in the office, home or holidaying in an international location, the service is available. Network access is a given in most of the places. So to sum up, if you have a network connection, you can access the service from anywhere.

Resource pooling

On the server side, the resources are all being used to an optimum level. The resources here indicate hardware and software. Pooling is achieved by something called virtualization, which means that there is an extra layer of software (typically) between your OS, application, storage and the hardware, which maximizes the utilization of all resources. This layer is called hypervisor.

Rapid Elasticity

This indicates the ability to scale your resources up and down. Consider for example the stock markets. They are open from 9AM to 5PM on a typical day. So the time that they require high usage of computing is during this period and remaining time between 5PM to 9AM is lax time. So you can provision resources accordingly. When you don’t require resources, you can release them.

Measured Service

Everything on the cloud is measured. For example, the number of cores you are using, the storage and memory that you have opted for and the network usage. You are charged according to how much of resources you use. This is also called pay-per-use. Thus all the resources that you have consumed are measured and you have to simply pay for that. Pretty much like your Electricity and Telephone bills.

If you satisfy the above 5 criterions, you are on the Cloud.

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