AirDroid is a software which allows communication between your PC (Desktop / Laptop / Notebook) and Android device (Phone / Tablet) over your Wi-Fi network.

All you need to do is install AirDroid on your Android >>>


Click on Get it on Google Play now and you will be taken to Google Play store.

Download the app and install it on your mobile device. Now run it.

You will get a screen like this


This is a snapshot of my mobile phone. If you carefully observe, the devices which are connected on the same Wi-Fi are shown.

To connect your PC to the Phone (or whatever mobile device) open your browser and type the IP address shown on the screen under the heading ‘AirDroid Web’

In this case it is

Now I will show you the screen on my laptop’s chrome browser, once I have typed in the IP address.



If you see above, I have typed in the browser and it pops up a page as above. Now you will get a request on your mobile device just like the picture of the mobile shown above. Press accept on your mobile device. This will throw up a screen like this on your browser :


There are essentially four parts of the screen as shown below :


On the left you see different things you can do – for example you can call through the PC. The number will be automatically dialled for you. You can send SMS messages. You can view files.

On the right top side you see my mobile device details. In this case it’s a Micromax mobile phone running Android 5.0.

In the centre you see a toolbox having four functionalities

  • 1. File

File button is selected by default. You see the Upload to bar. Here you can choose the location on your mobile phone where files from PC have to be transferred. Simply drag the files (say from your explorer window) to the box ‘Drag and Drop Files or Folders here’. This will transfer the files and folders to the upload location that you have chosen.

  • 2. URL

The URL section will display the URL that you type in the browser on your mobile phone.


  • The Clipboard will paste whatever you type in it’s box into your mobile phone.
  • 4. App

Here you can drag and drop the APK files from your PC to the mobile phone. All you need to do to install this app is to run it on the phone.

Now we come to the bottom right of the screen which shows things like the connection, Wi-Fi strength and battery charge.


There is a desktop version of AirDroid also available which has some features, but all you require to get it working is the app on the mobile and a browser on your PC.

So you see wirelessly your mobile device can communicate with your PC. No need of Bluetooth.

You can also download your mobile phone contents to your PC.

Imagine calling from your PC (without typing on your mobile) or for that matter sending messages.

Seems a little spooky, right !

So go ahead, try it out and let me know if you liked AirDroid, in the comments section below.

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