This is something which we cannot afford to miss. But what is really entertainment? It’s a means of getting engaged in something fruitful. It can become an addiction, beware. Earlier people used to watch a natural waterfall or a mountain to get entertained. That was before the era of TV’s. Now we get entertained by artificial waterfalls and mountains. Although the effect is not the same, the feeling is, albeit a bit lower in strength.

Sitting on a computer we can get entertained by music or a video or simply browsing websites. We go out and watch movies and talk shows to get entertained. Entertainment is central to our being today. But there are so many nefarious things that goes under the guise of entertainment that it has become difficult to draw a line between the good and the bad. For instance there is so much of violence in TV’s and games, that our kids are getting addicted to.

Entertainment should be clean. Pure fun. It should make us happy without agitating our nerves. If we watch a movie that leaves us with some of the petty emotions that we have, it’s not done it’s job. Entertainment must make us happy. It should leave an indelible mark on our being and transform our thinking from one plane to a higher plane. It should also help us explore more avenues of such good entertainment. Hence be careful of what you watch or hear.


One of the best forms of entertainment is that which educates us. For example, in our quest to study further we may take up a course. View this also as an entertainment option. A real life tour of people living in difficult times can also awaken our charitable senses to do some things for others. Kids being taken out on picnics, say a tour of a museum or the aquatic world is also a good form of educative entertainment. We must encourage entertainment in such a way that it should educate.

Entertainment of sports is also quite appreciable. But things which have cruelty in it should not be called as entertainment. I firmly deny the aspects of such forms of entertainment which trigger our lower base instincts. Entertainment is a form of love and that’s the way it should remain. A means to make other people happy and prosperous. In whatever form , we have to acknowledge that it’s a powerful medium of conveying the joy of others and that should be the paramount goal.