We all go through this sometime through our life. Look at pain as a means of making us more strong. The deeper the pain, the more we bounce back. But we must try. The rebound is not automatic. Pain is the opposite of happiness, when we have to struggle to keep us intact. People go through a mild headache to various depressions and still make a comeback. If you are in pain, my suggestion to you, seek out a remedy. God will ease your pain.


Pain is something we all have to experience in order to make the experience of happiness meaningful. God doesn’t give us pain. It’s caused as a result of our body or mind straying away from the normal. Always pay heed to moderation. This is good. Do not do anything in excess or be frugal. Absorb the right amount. Have a proper lifestyle and stay in a positive frame of mind. You will find that you are surrounded by happiness everywhere.

Some people think that the pain is caused by the devil. Let me assure you that there is no such thing as a devil. And some resort to witchcraft and some ancient methods to drive the pain away, but that is useless. It’s a false belief of some people. Yes, pain needs to be treated, otherwise it aggravates. There is a remedy for most of the pains, except some chronic ones. But medical science is making progress and soon we would have rooted out pain in all its forms.

If you are in pain, I suggest you just hang in there. There will be better times, when you will be surrounded by sunlight, blue in color. (the spirit world) With no trace of pain ever, you will be ushered into happy only worlds and I mean. when you are living, you will enjoy all this. Pray to God regularly. Look after your body and mind. What you feed them is what you get as results. Remember to be moderate in what you do. Do not fluctuate on extremes. It can be non-beneficial for you.

Do not try to substitute one pain for another. The situation will get worse. Bear the pain with treatment of course. Like I said, there will be better times. Right now the pain body needs rest. Hence go to sleep. Do not worry about tomorrow. Actually you should never. Otherwise you may get an anxiety attack. Pain is nothing but an imbalance. Treat it like you would treat a child. With lot of care and candies. (medicines) Soon you will find that pain vanishes into the darkness of the night. Claim your right to happiness. You are worth it.