Work is worship. Work should be your deepest expression of love which manifests in the world. Do not work with antipathy. It’s better to stay away from such forms of work. Work like a painter who paints his most beautiful painting, like a carpenter who whistles away when he is sawing or like a movie star who forgets himself and gets so immersed in the character. Work is what you will be known by, whatever be the type of it. So give it your best shot.

If you are unhappy for some reason with your work, redo it. Practice. Practice. Practice. There is no other cause of beautiful work. When preparation meets opportunity, you get success. It may not be in your first try, but nevertheless, keep trying. One day you will get it. There is no work that is 100% complete. Work is a process of improvement and you have to have the mentality of a student to excel. Keep learning and improving yourself.

Sometimes work is also referred to as duty. That last word adds a severe connotation to it. Duty is prime and there is nothing bigger than it. Love, yes. But duty has a moral tinge to it. Hence it sometimes is more sacredly held than love. Love for duty. Yes, and that is the best. Sometimes you may have to do things which you are not comfortable with, in the line of duty. The only thing is you should be wise enough to know so. Your biggest duty is to keep yourself happy which in turn makes others around you also happy.

Give all you have got and see how any mundane work can become a source of joy. Work rightly done will bring a lot of happiness. But mind you, you have to train yourself. There is no work that you learn from your mother’s womb, except to suckle. When we encounter the world, with our value system, we start defining what we will and what we will not do. This is good as long as the value system is sound. Once that is in the right place, unleash yourself onto the world.

Good work will never bring grief. As your work starts improving, you will find yourself becoming more confident and energetic. The shadows of doubt that used to prevail beneath your skin will evaporate away. Take to work like a fish to water. Breathe it, feel it and accomplish it. Leave an indelible mark for the world which will witness your work and appreciate the things you have done. Further, take work as duty towards God. You will never go wrong.

Techno Spiritual Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Author of 5 books, trainer and consultant. Seeker of the truth - inclined towards spirituality and technology. Also, love to read and write inspirational stuff.