The world is also called ‘mykhana’ (Hindi) in some songs, which means a place where people go to drink. And what do they drink in this bar? Their daily dose of experience, which can be positive or negative. Let this not affect you. Life is bigger than the day to day experience of this world. Of course, this is also part of life, but nevertheless, we should not call it as our entire life, as there is more to life than meets the eye. A ship with a strong sail does not topple with the wind.

The world can be a very dangerous place, as we may meet some people who may have a treacherous nature. These people drag us down from our lofty aspirations. Stay away from such people. Be only with them who realize your true potential and egg you on. And I mean it from the heart, not just a plastic smile. There are people who would sincerely wish the best for you and don’t think that they have to be relatives or friends. The gesture may also come from a wayward beggar.


Basically to deal with the world, you have to read people. Those who are on your side and those who are not. Now everybody is on his own side, but not at the expense of others. Live life morally strong, so that you do not do some of the ghastly things that some people seem to do. Do not just look for happiness for yourself, give some back to people who are in need. The world has its own ways of rewarding and punishing people. But remember none of these laws are above divine laws.

You come across people who fear God, then you come across people who act as if they are the only beneficiaries of God. Different people, but see through people’s intentions. Join hands with people you know who won’t create obstacles in your path and be in sincere friendship with them. You will find that such alliances are uplifting. Sometimes you don’t have much of a choice. For example there is a bully in your group. Do not heed him/her.

There is also a set of individuals who are set out to make this world a better place. In case your goals appeal, you can join them. Or in your own way, make a contribution (not necessarily money) to those goals which God would approve of. That should be the yardstick. What we do in the world comes back to us as our karma. Bad actions bring bad results and good actions bring good results. And remember the most important thing. The action is yours but the reward is entirely in the hands of God.

Techno Spiritual Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Author of 5 books, trainer and consultant. Seeker of the truth - inclined towards spirituality and technology. Also, love to read and write inspirational stuff.