What have we gotten ourselves into ?

The more we explore, the less we know

Weapons piling up, insurances rising

Meet strangers without ever smiling

Brothers and Sisters fighting a losing war

Over caste, creed, religion near and far

Instead of looking in, we look outside

Thinking that mamma will always be by our side

And the God that we look up to

Dissolves in the morning dew

And rains that drop on us from the skies

Are nothing but tears flowing from His eyes

How long are we going to live this curse ?

Created by us, not the Universe

Waiting for salvation sometime in the future

Is the answer hidden in that computer ?

He only knows who created this world

What might happen, or what might be told

But no matter what happens one thing we know

Blessed are you and me and the one we adore

To the end of time wherever it may take us

Rest in His bosom, as we awaken us

To the dawning of a new Earth when we shall be free

From all that sorrow, ego and cutting of the trees

Yes, we screwed up, how many chances should He give

Because He is the most merciful and His love is free

Sorry Sir from all of us here

Please help us once more to get there

Techno Spiritual Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Author of 5 books, trainer and consultant. Seeker of the truth - inclined towards spirituality and technology. Also, love to read and write inspirational stuff.