We live in a complex world. We are all so dependent on our devices like mobile phones, computers, cars and other accessories. All these tools simplify our life – or do they ? Some of us get addicted to these devices, so much so that we can’t imagine life without them. The unchecked mail, the always ringing telephone and other attention grabbing contraptions. One way, this can be defined as progress, however if it causes diseases like stress and other ailments, aren’t we going wrong somewhere ? One or two weeks in a year, we take a vacation to detox. After that, we are back in the rat race. Technology as a tool, was supposed to make our lives better, not more complex. Having said this, let me come to the subject of security.

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With the explosion of tools like facebook, bebo and other social networks, the line between what is private and public id blurring. Answer this, what do you call private? Is it your deep secrets, your family, your friends – what information that matters to you do you not want to share with the world. At the click of a button, you can share that great photograph of your family and your friends family having lunch at that hotel. Now note that this information is open to your network. If you have chosen your friends carefully, this is a good thing. But imagine a negative persona getting this photograph. You know the remaining story, right !

Not to sound paranoid, the world is so full of information that it has become very easy to extract information from almost about anyone. Do you know the reason ? A chain is as strong as it’s weakest link (as the maxim goes) and the weak point here is, us. An Android or an Apple mobile phone is good to have. But do we realize the power that comes along with it. It’s like having a 24 karat gold chain (good to have) but it comes with the pandoras box. Malware is rising as time goes by – Dronejacking, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), Fileless programs, ransomware, zero day exploits because of vulnerabilities and many others trying to get to us – to rob us of our peace of mind. And we are vulnerable if we don’t understand how these attacks are carried out.

The next war that is being fought is – in the cyberspace. Imagine a farmer who is barely literate and receives an Android phone –

  • Is he aware that an antivirus needs to be installed?
  • Visiting some website on the browser is not safe.
  • Apps seeking more permissions than necessary can be a hidden worm.

By the way, if you look at Kaspersky Anti virus – they have claimed that a virus attacked their anti-virus program? So now if an anti-virus company had a virus, who are we to look up to ? By the way which software can you trust ?https://technospirituality.com/2016/07/do-you-trust-that-software  We just trust the big brands. One reason that Apple products are known to be better than Android is because their encryption and overall design is more secure than an open source Android. Another reason could be their market share which is 1/5th of Android. Security is a major aspect of not just these big companies (who are doing it to their best abilities) but it starts with you and me. Educating ourselves against the threat that is out there is mandatory. We harnessed nuclear power – some made electricity and some made bombs – that is the difference – choose which side of the fence you want to be.

God Bless !