There are 3 questions you should ask yourself every now and then.

Are you having fun ?

Are you with people you like ?

Are you doing a service to others ?


If you are not having fun, it ain’t worth it. Don’t do things that make you unhappy or irritated. Whatever it is, that you do, ensure that you are having fun doing it. Choose that which makes you happy. If you are in a job which is menial or uninspiring, don’t do it. Instead, do that which makes you smile. Do that which brings the best out of you. Know what you are good at. Then keep doing that often. Your life will move towards whatever you pay attention to. Say you are a righthander, use that hand as much as possible. When you wake up in the morning, do you feel that you are ready to take on life or feel like some burden that you have to tread through? Do you feel radiance or heaviness when you wake up in the morning ? To sum it up, do things you love.

The second rule of happiness is that you should surround yourself with people you like. Those who undermine you or negate your actions are not your real friends. Good friends don’t pull you down. They are by your side, no matter what you may be going through. They inspire you and sometimes guide you through the maze of life. If you are having a rough ride, they are there to make it easier for you. During good times, they cheer you and lift your spirits up. Sometimes you are down and at times they are. The only way of having a good friend is to be one. Share your experiences, make your feelings known and be grateful for having good people in your life. Weed out negative people who surround you and just be with the true ones.

When you do something ask yourself why you are doing it. Whatever you do, somebody on the planet is going to get affected by it. So you do for others. Realize this and do a good job. You may touch 1 person or 1000. The fact of the matter is, what you do, makes a difference. Realize that this is a service to mankind. So, you gotta give it all you got. In giving, you receive. This is a universal law. The more you give, the happier you feel. Your desires start getting fulfilled as you give more. Now, take it to the next level. Do not keep any expectations. Do the job just for the fun of it. If have transcended the results, you have become a karma yogi. Life does not happen the way we want it to happen. So have patience. Accept what comes to you and be thankful for it.

You are a graceful being. Your smile is the most infectious thing in the world. So, spread it wherever you go. Be happy always. God Bless !

Techno Spiritual Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Author of 5 books, trainer and consultant. Seeker of the truth - inclined towards spirituality and technology. Also, love to read and write inspirational stuff.