As every day passes, we are walking towards our grave. Well, this is not a good opening line, but has a dash of truth in it. Despite the short time that we have on this planet, we seem to be embroiled in petty things. There should be no place for anger, hate, fear etc. But still we are carrying them in varying proportions. Some people talk of positive outlook. This is just a hyped up formula for being happy. However, what we tend to forget is that wounds in the subconscious take a lot of time to heal. Although we may manage a smile on our face every day, the real question is ‘Are we happy?’. Deep Inside … We tend to enrol in self-help courses, practice meditation and other things to make us feel super. Still, we are not getting what we want, really. And what is that ? Most of the people do not have a clue as to what they want out of life. A bigger home, a better relation and the list of desires keep going on.

So, why is happiness so evading and we have to settle for the second or the third best option ? The earlier we figure out this, the better will be our lives. So, here’s the deal. What you call happiness is nothing but a state of mind. We can call it as our attitude towards life. This simply means that we are just participants of our co-created life. When we want to control things, we run into a brick wall. The only reason that we are unhappy is the fact that things are not happening the way we want them to happen. The moment we accept things as they are, we let go of a huge baggage that we are carrying. We have to learn life as it happens to us and accept it fully. Remember we have a right to work but not to its results. If the work is done well, the rewards will also be forthcoming. However, there is no guarantee.

The moment we accept change fully and move along with time, we become free. As far as the baggage of bad experiences, is concerned, we can toss it off, if we want to. To be completely happy we have to know ourselves. The God given gifts that we possess and our weak points. Amplify the positive and deplete the negative. In fact, that is life. The more we do things that we love, the more will be our harmony. Be compassionate. Know that the other person also has a story to tell. Don’t have to think too much. Keep doing. Have a solution mindset and not a problem mindset. The most important attitude that you carry must be that of a learner. We are all disciples of nature. Ask her and you will be given. Believe in yours self. The day you get to know who you are is the day you know God, and there is no bigger knowledge than that.

Another point: Be humble. In the years that has swept by, we all collect experiences. In fact we judge others through this glass, at times. What we have gathered is 0.000000000001% of what is out there. There is a whole world of truth awaiting to be discovered. The hand that nature dealt to you is not without a reason. You have been born with a purpose. In fact, your mission is to uncover this mystery and then start living it. In our workplaces, we find that well being of people is ranked below in the chart. Not knowing that a happy employee is a productive employee. Our right to freedom is not a given in many places in the world. However, if we have courage, we can get though life, however difficult it may seem. And if we hit the grave with the music still in us, it’s a pity. So keep walking !