Data and Program – these are the two things taught in detail in information theory/computer sciences course. Data means that which is pure or untouched. (pristine / virgin) The program means the algorithm or the process that looks at data and converts it into something meaningful.

Information as you must have observed is something that conveys meaning. Knowledge is the next step after information. Knowledge puts things into context. Finally, Wisdom is what you have learned by the application.

Let me give you an example:

When I say apple, that is data. Why because I did not specify 1 or 10 apples or for that matter, I also did not reveal if this apple is red or green in color. Apple is just apple. Pure untouched data.

If I tell you, there are 2 apples, that is information. Now there is some meaning that is conveyed. I could also have told you green apples; that is also information.

Now comes the third step: knowledge. If I tell you that apples are selling for 2 dollars apiece at ABC groceries and 1 $ a piece at XYZ groceries. Now you can view the context. Knowledge enables you.

The final and the fourth step is Wisdom: This is the application of your knowledge. For example, you decide to go to XYZ groceries and buy apples. Wisdom is your learning. When you go to XYZ groceries and buy the apples, you internalize certain things – the XYZ groceries was a good deal. Further to this, you also store the experience that you had.

Between Knowledge and Wisdom is a thin line called Intelligence. This is spotting patterns in data or information or knowledge. Now, this intelligence is the algorithm. Herein lies the power of the process, or that which infers something – either causation from the past or correlation.

Our mind and our body are having both data as well as intelligence.

The mind has its memories which is like data. The mind also has the Ego which is intelligence. The mind also possesses Wisdom which is called ‘Chitta’ which means reading data without using memory. Similarly, inside our body is DNA (De-oxy ribonucleic acid) which is our data. However, during say replication, there is a process that reads the DNA and orders it to change if required. This process may be a digestive process or say shedding some neurons.

One very generalized way of viewing this data / program phenomenon would be treating nature as data and our mind as the program (algorithm)

Our body / mind is like a super computer. Data In >> Process >> Information / Knowledge Out. And when learnt, it becomes Wisdom

D >> P >> I/K >> (Intelligence) >> W

Data In >> Process >> Information / Knowledge Out >> (Intelligence) >> Wisdom.

This is as simple as it gets.

God Bless !



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