It’s a great day for me today. The grand festival of Gudi Padwa and Ugadi just coincides 1 day after publishing my book QUEST 2.0 (A CEO, A Project Manager and a Programmer’s Search for Inner Meaning)

This book was first published in the year 2008 but did not reach everyone. Great efforts have gone into modifying the original book Q.U.E.S.T to this new book QUEST 2.0.

This book is about the struggle that we undergo every day and hoping that one day it would end. We are always chasing the rainbow of happiness when actually we can be happy right now. Weaved as a fable of Technology, Spirituality, Management, and Science, I have made an attempt to make the life of my colleagues a little lighter.

This book is the quest of ordinary individuals like you and me, trying to fly into the great blue sky, but get pulled back by the forces (rules) of the world. What I cover is the journey of 3 individuals who are in search of ‘Liberation’ from the day to day chores of this mundane life and want to discover something more. They set out in search for an ex-CEO of a software company who has journeyed further than they have. This person (‘Ray’) seems to be having the answers to the questions that haunt them every day.

If you have seen the movie Moana, she is the girl with a twinkle in her eyes and the ocean beckons her, always. Her father the chief of the village, tries to tell her that the ocean is not a safe place. But something inside her nudges her on. Her struggle between freedom and security ends in the victory of the former.

This book is similar to the story of Moana, who extends herself towards freedom, despite all obstacles and flies away towards the blue mystic ocean, where she finds herself. Free of all struggles, free of the day to day errands that have to be taken care of. This is not only Moana’s Quest, but that of every single person on this beautiful planet called Mother Earth.

Hope you like it.

So here’s the flyer :

QUEST 2.0 published yesterday: (Kindle version), (Paperback version) on Amazon.

A CEO, A Project Manager and a Programmer’s Search for Inner Meaning

(For anyone who wants to know how IT industry works and wellbeing and for those who want to be a maverick)

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