Is this Life a Big Dream ?


Dream Life

You must have heard the quote ‘I saw a butterfly in my dream, or was it the butterfly dreaming me’; makes us all think the big question – After all, what is this life? Are we all living in God’s dream? Does that also include free will? Why am I like this? (From a Hindi song) Why do we get epiphanies? Why does life seem to be full of synchronicity? (Deepak Chopra)

Now for the answers (methinks), Life is a series of events happening in the great arrow of time. However, there is a world where there is no time. Everything is in the ‘Now’ or the ‘Present’. The past is just a memory and the future is a possibility. Don’t delve into the past or the future (Eckhart Tolle) Live in the moment.

It may all seem like a great illusion or ‘maya’. But keep your feet firmly grounded in reality. The senses are real. So are the mysterious body and the brain. The body is a 4-letter code of the DNA (Deoxy-ribonucleic-acid) weaving itself into a pattern. And that pattern is us. Very dense in information. This information deluge (if I may) is what gives rise to consciousness. Our gateway to happiness. In fact, happiness is just one attribute of consciousness. Consciousness or our soul (call it Jivatma) or the Paramatma (God) is knowledge, awareness, love, and silence.

Is this all God’s dream? I don’t know. Sometimes I’m compelled to believe this theory. Well, it’s one hell of a great dream. Freewill v/s Destiny. All possibilities (infinite) is taken care of. In God’s world, we are already born and dead. The time makes the illusion real. I feel His/Her presence every day. Wish that the experience (the blessed state) could last forever.

Daily we have errands to take care of, ourselves, our family and friends and the world. The tax returns, the grocery and shopping. In the midst of all this, we get disconnected from God (from our side). But God is always available. If a person in a dark dungeon wants to see light, what will you say to him? The Sun is always available. Come out to the bright sunlight and bathe yourself in beauty. God resides in Love (below) and the Self (above) and in between is our lives. Different shades of grey. We keep vibrating at different levels.

Note that the Universe works on scientific principles. However, the law of conservation of energy, which says matter does not get created or destroyed, but changes from one form to another, can only be disproved by the Universe. Remember not even a single leaf moves without His/Her permission.

Want to know why we are the way we are – never fully. The meaning of epiphanies and synchronicity is not obvious. Will leave you with some the masters’ diary …

  • And one day the eyes of your spirit shall open, and you shall know all things (The Essene Gospel of Peace) – Read Gregg Braden’s book The Isaiah Effect
  • Leave everything and take refuge in me – is what the Almighty says. (Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita)
  • Finally, ‘God is closer to us than the vein that runs through our neck’ (The Prophet Muhammad)

God Bless!