Spirituality is cool

Let’s first try to understand what Spirituality is. It’s nothing but a state of mind. A conscious attitude. A life ready to embrace both good and bad things and be unruffled by it. A mind which has been quietened by the constant daily chatter. A smiling countenance and spreading that smile to others. Acceptance of others with all their virtues and faults. Honesty and Integrity. Smelling the roses along the way. Knowing that we are all mortals and must do our best for the day. Helping at least one person besides your family and friends. Even an infectious smile would be enough. Keeping a positive outlook. Not get swayed by negative news (like media, rumors etc) Appreciating the gift of nature and being thankful. And most of all, Spirituality is the journey towards God.

We come empty-handed, we go back empty-handed. That’s a harsh truth. Then why are we running to possess everything ? Why are we identified so deeply with our name ? Let go. Not to renounce the world and become a monk. Everyone cannot do that, although that seems to be an easy option. Do not run away from your responsibilities. Take them head-on. Step by step, make progress. Everyday live life king/queen size. Don’t count your problems. Instead, be thankful to God, for all the riches (health / wealth / prosperity etc) that He/She has given you. Look at the positive side of life. Don’t look at the glass which is half empty. Instead, thank him for the glass that is half full. Show gratitude to others (and God of course) and spread that love to as many people as you can. Don’t be a critic. Be an optimist, and see Life changing around you.

Now let me talk about faith. If you have a faith of a mustard seed (Jesus) how can you move the mountains ? Hence have an undying faith in that Force – the one and all – call him Allah, Krishna, Jehovah, Wakan Tanka or any other name that you may find apt. Steve Jobs in his Stanford commencement speech mentioned about how looking back (past) the dots connect. The future is a possibility. Know that the dots in your future will also connect. Trust in that Force. You know – not even a blade of grass moves without His/Her will. Of course, we have been given free will, but that is for learning and celebration.  But do not get excited about your victory or get depressed if you fail. Be of moderate stance in both win/lose of life situations. Seek and ye shall find. In fact, we don’t have to seek God. He is everywhere. Just identify Him/Her in everything. Remember, we are living in a sentient Universe.

Perhaps, the most important aspect of Spirituality is the remembrance of God. Whenever you have time, chant a mantra – anything will do. This constant reminiscing of God is called ‘Dhikr’ in Islam. Even Lord Krishna mentions in the Bhagavad Gita to submit yourself to Him. He also utters that we should let go of the world and come under His shade. Very deep stuff. But practical. Do not run away from the world. Face your problems. Take care of yourself, your family, friends and the whole world. When your nerves are frayed, take up something like deep breathing exercise. Live in the ‘present’ consciously. So, to reiterate again. What is Spirituality ? It’s our journey from being a mere mortal to becoming immortal. To realize that we are all children of God who is the most gracious and the most merciful.

Live. Laugh. Love

Spirituality is cool

Spirituality is cool

God Bless !

There’s more to be seen than can ever be seen

More to do than can ever be done.

You should never take more than you give.

It’s the circle of life … (Lion King)