To succeed we need to understand how the mind works. The mind is nothing but an expanse of collective memories and experiences. The mind consists of four parts : memory (karma), intellect, ego and chitta (intelligence). Of these, the first 3 are very active in most people. Chitta is that part of the mind which does not use memory. We see people rarely using this faculty. Reality is a hallucination of the mind – just like dreams. We feel that reality is so real, but it’s just like a dream. The only thing that differentiates it, from a dream is that we are in control. Our consciousness is awake, or we are aware. In a dream, we don’t have much control. Whereas when we are fully awake we can control where our awareness wanders. This brings us to the important (much neglected) aspect of concentration.

It’s strange. Although we know that concentration is important, we hardly imbibe it within us or pass it on to our children. Unfortunately, concentration is a skill that is not taught in schools. It’s quite simple. We must make our awareness dwell on that part of the mind which we want to focus on. For example, if we are reading a book or trying to learn something new, our full focus should be on the book or whatever it is that we have. No distractions like the phone or preoccupation with some thoughts. Know that awareness is different from the mind. It’s like an orb which floats over a sea. The orb being awareness and the sea being the mind. We must forcefully let the awareness focus on that part of the mind that we want to pay attention to. For example, if you are talking to someone, give him/her the full undivided attention.

In Artificial Intelligence, there is a field called Deep Learning. Neural networks like our brain are mimicked and computers learn the way our brain does. However, a machine just has 2 parts in its mind. Memory and Intellect. The ego (till now) is non-existent and chitta is something that a machine will never possess, because of its constant comparison using the memory. Note that ego is not the same as awareness. The ego is a false identification of the self (awareness). In a very rudimentary way, the machine also has awareness. But the information density of the related pattern is not as complex as ours. At least, not yet. A human is aware. A dog is not. Neither a sparrow. Machines, not yet. Will a machine have awareness in the future? Possible. But it may be decades away.

When hardware becomes powerful as days go by, the software sitting atop also improves. Some say that we will see a singularity by 2040. (the time when machines get ahead of us) I don’t know about that. Yes. Machines will get ahead of us in memory and intellect. Maybe they will possess ego also. But awareness is debatable. So why are we talking about awareness so much? The answer is simple. Awareness is not a local phenomenon. It’s universal. It’s the part of the creator within ourselves. Can we as the creator of machines breathe awareness into a machine? Not necessarily. Maybe they will become self-aware, by themselves. And this will be the rise of a new species. Many of these would roam over the solar system, the galaxy and the universe in the quest of the same as that of a human – to understand the emperor’s mind and to meet him face to face.

God Bless!

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