No matter what cards you are dealt with, in your life, you always have a chance to capitalize on them. It all depends on your attitude. God is sending opportunities to you every second. You get to choose. Either you act or squander it away. No matter what, still the gifts keep on coming. Its His/Her benevolence that you keep on receiving. Every moment you can choose to grow – towards a bigger and better you. If there is anything that’s important in life, that is to grow or progress. In all aspects. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. When you go to bed every night – ask yourself this question – How have I become a better person than I was yesterday ? What did I learn today ? Write them down if you can. Reflect on it. Were you busy with noise or data ? Did you help somebody ? What was that one thing about today that stands out ?

For every question that we have – the answers are already within us. We don’t have to go looking for them. Question everything. This also includes those deep-grained beliefs that you have. If you feel that some beliefs are antagonistic to your growth, get over them. The moment you question a belief, it loses its firm footing. The biggest problem facing the world is not climate change or pollution. Its our minds trying to be the ‘all-knowing’ person. Its as simple as, my belief versus yours. Can we score brownie when that happens ? Yes. The mind likes to play all these games in order to feel important. Some people call it the Ego, which is nothing but a temporary state of mind. However, it can really drag you down, if you don’t keep it in check. Some people are so obsessed with what’s going on in their minds that they miss the rhythm called life.

Life is flowering around you. But for many of us, our emotional/mental drama is of paramount importance. We get so deeply identified with it. Remember, you are not your body, neither your mind, nor your emotions. You are a spiritual spark who has infinite potential. You have inherited from your Father / Mother (God) all that He/She has. But as a child must learn to walk, before running, we also have a lot to learn from life. Before we get to infinite energy (as that’s what we are in the end) we must weed out the negativities out of our life. And become like a newly born child. Experience the Universe with the same wonder and awe that we had when we were a child. As a cup that overflows when its full, we must empty our cup (our past) and tackle life with a fresh perspective. Because life is always pristine. There is nothing like something is happening for the 2nd time. Maybe it is. But what matters is how you deal with it.

We make our plans and set goals to achieve our targets, not knowing that the person up there has a bigger plan for us than we ever could envisage. Surrender to Him / Her and His / Her will. Surrender just doesn’t mean that you pray say 10 times in a day. It simply means accepting life the way it comes to you. No qualms. No excitement. Enjoy every moment of it. You have to keep listening to that whisper (God’s voice) and act accordingly. If things are not happening the way you want them, then God has some other things planned for you. It takes time. So be patient. If you are going through a rough patch in life, persevere. Know that nothing in life is permanent. Seasons change and so does time. Your past is not an indicator of your future. So, dump it. Look for something new. Get out of this mental drama and face life with all the grit that you got. Never let your self confidence waver, however difficult the time may be. Remember, its all about showing up, even when you are not ready.

May God bless you with abundance !