Sharing gives you joy and caring gives you strength. Both practiced in abundance can lead to a fulfilled life. When we are born, we are naturally happy. Then we pick up the ways of the world. We learn beliefs from people, things and events. Our natural instincts get subjugated by the world that demands different things from us. For example, everyone wants to be successful. Money, Fame, Career, Relationships etc. are what we pursue. Not knowing that these things just give us worldly pleasures. And as you know, pleasures subside with time. The car that we bought today can give us a high but after a week or two, it’s a mundane thing. The need for more and more is a vicious cycle. Still most of us are in the pursuit of these ephemeral things. Success is different for different people. (Different strokes for different folks) However, most of us relate to it through the material things that we have accumulated. Do you still think that we can be really happy if we accomplish these goals ? The answer is ‘No’. There is something beyond.

In the Hindu scriptures, mention is made of 4 stages of life for a human being. They are :

  • Brahmacharya (student) 
  • Grihastha (householder) 
  • Vanaprastha (retired)
  • Sannyasa (renunciate)

The first one is where we are a student (0-25 years roughly) where we learn things. After this stage, we most likely get married and lead a life of a householder. (25-50 years roughly) Taking care of our families and building our career. We mostly accumulate wealth and fame in this stage. Then comes the retired or Vanaprastha stage of life. (50-75 years roughly) Here we give back to the world what we have acquired. (wealth and knowledge) Once this stage is over, if we live beyond say 75 years, we enter Sannyasa where we renounce the world. We give up all attachments and pursue the life of a seeker. Some people enter this stage early on in life. Everybody has a calling and one should pursue that at all costs.

The biggest tragedy of life is somebody who has compromised on the way life is at a huge cost – not knowing one’s inner calling and doing a job that one despises. For such people, everyday is a rut and that affects other areas of one’s life, like relationships, for instance. Thus, we find unhappy lawyers who could have been doctors; unhappy engineers who could have been artists; unhappy architects who could have been singers and the list goes on and on. This is perhaps one area which is not taught in schools. How to follow your passion ? And most importantly, what is it that you are passionate about ? If you follow what you really love, then everyday is a gift. You enjoy what you do, what you say and what you feel. If we really identify ourselves with things we love, half of journey is over. The second half is the pursuit of perfection. (God) This is achieved by sharing and caring. In everything we do. In all those passing seconds.

By sharing, we can help another soul to walk the path that they have probably forgotten. They can learn from our experience – when to build a bridge and when to break one. The joy that you get when people respond to our story is immense. Here is what Robert Frost (poet) has to say about it.

If I have helped a fainting Robin

Walk unto its nest again

I haven’t lived in vain …

The other part of the equation is caring. By caring, what we mean is being attentive. Being a good listener and empathizing towards others. Remember everyone has a story to be told. In the age of the internet, this process seems to be achievable. And if all us become happy, what a world it would be. One World !

God Bless !

Techno Spiritual Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Author of 5 books, trainer and consultant. Seeker of the truth - inclined towards spirituality and technology. Also, love to read and write inspirational stuff.