10 things to do for interviews

  1. Research about the prospective company.
  2. Carry all your credentials.
  3. Be quantitative in highlighting your accomplishments.
  4. Do not bad mouth your earlier employer.
  5. Watch your body language.
  6. Avoid emotional trips.
  7. Discuss.
  8. Clarify all doubts – salary, leave, etc.
  9. Breathe deeply if you are feeling nervous.
  10. Be yourself.

10 things to do in a new job

  1. Wear your best.
  2. Be punctual.
  3. Work hard.
  4. Understand company policies and procedures.                –
  5. Gel with the company culture.
  6. Treat your colleagues with respect.
  7. No gossip.
  8. Listen to your boss carefully.
  9. Speak less. Listen more.
  10. Give honest compliments.

10 things to do when you switch jobs

  1. Do not say negative things about the earlier job.
  2. Understand your role clearly.
  3. Adjust to company culture.
  4. Control your response.
  5. Be authentic.
  6. Gel well with the team.
  7. Ask your boss for feedback.
  8. Do not listen to the rumor mill.
  9. Focus on your work.
  10. Give your best.

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