A leader is somebody who inspires everyone. When the path is not clear, he/she lightens it up. When there is a conflict, he/she resolves it. Where there is stress, he/she implants peace. When the going gets tough, he/she shows the way. A good leader is somebody you look up to. In moments of doubt, in moments of nervousness, in moments of weakness. He/ She guides you to the right path. A leader can be a good manager also. Most likely a leader has occupied managerial positions in the past. He/She knows that leadership is an art. To be more specific, it’s unlimited. Leadership is the hallmark of character and attitude. Some people have it; some don’t. However, it’s not a god given gift. A leader is made by experience. Anyone can be a good leader. It’s by conscious choice that you become a leader.

A leader has the following qualities:

  • Empathy (Puts him/herself in other people shoes and feels how they feel)
  • Wisdom (The result of varied experience)
  • Decision Making (Mulls over things but when the time comes, he/she is decisive)
  • Knowledge (Has a clear understanding of his/her organizations business)
  • Peacemaker (When there is dysfunctionality in the team, he/she corrects it)
  • Listener (Gives his/her undivided attention, be it client / team / management)
  • Friend (Is a friend to all – even in moments of tension)
  • Showers praises (Where it is well deserved)
  • Tough (As the situation demands)

Leadership does not just mean leading from the front. There are leaders who operate obscurely also. When the time of celebration comes, the leader says ‘we’ did it. The underlying quality of a leader in its essence can be summed up in one word – ‘Trust’. A leader trusts his/her team. His/Her job is just to create an environment for the team. Then they let them loose. The leader clearly understands the dynamics of his/her team and the culture and organizational ambiance under which they operate. Change is something that the leader embraces fully. A leader understands the quality over quantity discussions. The substance is important. The cake is more important than the icing. And the leader very well knows that. He/She is not a problem avoider. A leader tackles the toughest problem without any bias. Factually. Every meeting is short but with action points, which are reviewed.

A leader is not just a number machine. He/She has good emotional intelligence. The leader understands the power of emotions. Hence encourages passion. At the same time, he/she does not believe in gossip at the coffee machine. If there is a troublemaker in the team, he/she confronts him early on. A leader does not criticize in front of everyone, at the same time, he/she showers praise in private as well as public. The idea is to be productive. If a company pays you 10000 dollars, then it is expecting at least work worth 30000 dollars from you. The leader knows that and acts as a facilitator for making this come true. In the end, its not just about profits. Work satisfaction is the number one agenda for a leader. Challenging and inspiring work, fanatic customer service and meeting deadlines is always on the top of his/her mind.

A leader who has a spiritual bent of mind can inspire the team still further. Reskilling is the need of the hour. As technology cuts through different job positions, someone getting depleted is a real possibility in today’s world. Hence a good leader would train his/her team to align with this upcoming tsunami. Finally, it’s about the work accomplished – was it a breeze or was it full of problems? A good leader no matter what, has your back. He/She owns up what you do.

Learn with the master ; Walk with the master ; Become the master

God Bless !

Techno Spiritual Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Author of 5 books, trainer and consultant. Seeker of the truth - inclined towards spirituality and technology. Also, love to read and write inspirational stuff.