Have you seen a 1-year-old? So innocent and pristine. Just like a rosebud which is about to flower tomorrow. The child is unaware of the rules and regulations of the world. Some familiar people and some familiar places. That’s all it knows. The child is happy most of the time. As the child grows up, it finds its place in the world. An ego develops in the heydays and keeps strengthening through its formative years. From toddler to teenager. From nursery to school. And finally, into a living. It learns that the world doesn’t owe it a living. He/She has to find his/her place in the world. And in this journey to be an adult, he/she picks up beliefs, values, and opinions of others. A lot of people want to please others, so they live up to them. Not knowing that the craving for appreciation is can be conflicting with some of their value systems. But the urge is so strong (wanting to be accepted) that you anyways do it. The end of innocence. The beginning of confusion.

If you notice, there are no contradictions in nature. However, human beings are full of internal conflicts. The reason is the mind. What may be acceptable in one culture may be blasphemous in another. You see the mind operates from a colored lens. If you have a red glass, you see everything red. By ‘red’ we mean the beliefs and values that are instilled deep into the recesses of the mind. These impressions that we have gathered from the world (our parents / siblings / relatives / friends) stick to form lasting opinions. If you look at it simply, there are no opinions in nature. Nature is merely facts. Every one of us views the world subjectively and the world outside is objective in nature. All of us seek to be in control. We not only like to control ourselves but others also. When things don’t happen our way, we get stressed. Does a 1-year-old ever feel stressed? Never. Because it goes about doing it things without a hidden agenda. From innocence to chaos. That’s our sojourn.

Now if you look at machines, they act little differently. Let’s take a computer for example. All it does is crunch instructions to do something that we want it to do. Programming is a goal-oriented activity. The goal is set by us. Now with the rise of AI, the computer goes about learning, making mistakes and keep on pushing the limits till it maximizes the goal that it has been given. Sometimes there is a bias introduced because of the person who wrote the program. For example, in supervised learning, where the computer takes inputs from a human, the feedback it gets may be a little skewed. For example, an AI system wrongly assumed that 76% of the crime in a particular area in the US was caused by black people. This was an incorrect conclusion. (because of bias in programming) Deep down the computer tries to control the outcome to the best possible means. However, it doesn’t get stressed if the results are twisted. It learns but does not keep a grudge.

Now coming back to our 1-year old example. A computer that is raw out of the factory can be compared to this little one. All it has is probably an OS and some general-purpose software loaded into its hard disk. The person who gets this computer soon loads his list of software onto the machine. An office; an antivirus; a browser and so on. If he/she is a good programmer, then the computer also gets the download of a programming platform. All this adds to the power of the computer, but it can only take in as much as it can handle. For example, if your hard disk is getting full, you may not be able to download the new version of Fortnite game. Also, the CPU must be powerful if you are doing AI programming. In fact, you will need a GPU. So, the old breed of computers are being replaced by more powerful ones. For the computer, this does not hurt it. In fact, all that matters to the machine is that the power source is on and the internet connection is always up. If we were as innocent as these machines, perhaps the world would be a phenomenal place where we don’t demand anything, but just dance with the flow. Submit to the mighty Emperor/Empress. Because His/Her will may be done. Amen!

Stay Blessed …

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