No need to regret

No need to regret

Life gives us all shades of experiences. There are happy moments and sad ones too. No matter what life throws us at us, we must accept it with full embrace. When we look back upon some of those moments that we think could’ve been better, we have regrets. No need to regret. Take those experiences as lessons. You see, in Life, there is nothing called as a failure. It’s all time we must break our shells and come out a better person. Think for a moment what is it that makes you feel that you messed up in the past. Was it because things turned out way far away from what you had imagined, or is it because you didn’t try? If it’s OK. Life doesn’t happen the way we think it will. But if it’s the latter, it hurts more. Remember, trying is more important than winning or losing. Even if things didn’t happen despite you giving it all you got, its time to correct. Time to hear that whisper which is nudging you to follow a better path.

The past is gone. You can recollect it for the lesson it has taught you. The future hasn’t happened. So, all you have with you is the present. Do well this moment, and your future will be promising. Don’t dwell too much time on the future. Keep doing. This very moment is yours. Seize it. With full force. Go ahead chasing your goal but enjoy the journey. The journey and the destination are not two things. The journey itself has many many destinations within it. Every single day spend your time wisely. Don’t squander it away. Because time is the most precious commodity on this planet. If you are stressed out, take a break. Meditate. Tap. Or practice whatever it is that takes you away from the stress. Be yourself. You are always a complete person and there is no need to wait for the perfect moment. That moment is Now. Live in the current moment – which simply means this – don’t think – get involved in doing.

You see everyone has a story. Some people exude happiness vibrations and some disgust. You are what you have thought till now. If you hold a grudge against somebody, you are hurting yourself. Till all that poisonous thoughts/emotions run through your being, you won’t be free. These are the rules of life:

  • Raise your vibration level. (emanate positive feelings)
  • Don’t have any regrets. (No grudges)
  • Work now for a better tomorrow.
  • Control your thoughts.
  • Let emotions come and go. Just watch it.
  • Don’t judge.
  • Be a little compassionate.
  • Accept yourself and embrace your situation.

Your subconscious mind is the place where all these regrets and other negative feelings are stored. So, you need to remove them. This is by shining light on them. If you remember your past, just accept it. Once you do so, that emotion won’t hurt you. The best tip is that, do not overthink – make a practice of doing. The mantra of life is Learn-Do-Learn-Do. There is so much for us to learn and apply the lessons by implementing it. Life is a short book. It opens (when you take birth) and then you write your story and one day it gets closed (death). So, write a fabulous bestseller book. It’s just a short period, so make sure that you set an example for others. There is no place for the past (in a book you can modify it, in life you can’t) or any regrets. These are energy killers. Don’t give them too much importance. Go about doing your things. Maybe you are an athlete -so run. Maybe you are a singer -so sing. Maybe you are a painter -so paint. Just get involved in everything. Life is flowering around you, where are you?

Stay Blessed …

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