Computers = Bits  |  Humans = Stories

Computers are made of bits. Humans are made of stories. That’s the difference. When 8 bits come together, they make a byte. A single byte is just a symbol. When we string together bytes, we get kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and so on. A set of bytes laid down in a sequence may mean something. For example, this may be a file. An image. A data structure like an array. All the data is stored in secondary storage (Hard Disk / Solid State Drives). To process this data, we bring it into the RAM (Main memory). Note that this is volatile, in the sense that memory will get erases as soon as the power goes away. The data is fetched and executed by the processor. (CPU) Every single instruction works on the data received, crunches it and outputs a result. Even instructions are actually data only. But they are interpreted differently by the CPU. There are registers (temporary memory locations inside the CPU) which store the data and code. Note that instructions (code) are burnt into the CPU (In ROM) and have a set pattern of functioning.

Human beings relate to one another by stories. Everyone has one. We tend to be the actor of our story playing a role. Once that character has finished its role, then it goes back to being itself. This simply means that from an ego-perspective the person has already played his/her role. Now he/she can return back to the original ‘Self’. In this state, there is simply no anxiety or hurry. The Self means being your ‘Self’. Thoughts and emotions just come and go. But you are not that. Nor are you the body. You are spirit unlimited. As long as you stay grounded in this reality, the day to day problems of the world doesn’t bother you. Accept it as it comes. Don’t resist the flow. We all have our stories – some original and some photoshopped. Our life experience is our story. The way we perceive the world is through the lens of our stories. Which simply means that we see a distorted version of the reality. Drop all dualities and become one with God.

Machines can also make up stories. However, they don’t have reasoning power. The second aspect is machines won’t feel like us. Take, for example, body pain. Will a machine ever feel pain? I don’t think so. In the same way, humans will not be able to compute millions of data points at once, which a machine can easily do. Thus, machines and humans complement each other. Problem solving and inference can be done by a machine today. However, creativity and empathy for a machine are in the distant future. Machines can read human emotions, from body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. They can also emote. (enumerate emotions) Remember this is not real emotions but a probabilistic outcome. Machines can be trained to create poetry, works of art and perhaps write a new novel also. All this happens because of Big Data. You train a machine by letting it loose on works of say ‘Shakespeare’, and the machine starts getting the style and semantics.  It can easily cook up a novel, Shakespearian. Accuracy levels are shooting up, so much so that humans won’t know if it’s the original or a deep fake.

On the other hand, humans are good at parallel processing. We have intelligence not just within our brains, but a very huge part is embedded in our ‘DNA’s. Every cell that does 3 trillion things per second is also having an intelligence. For example, converting food to energy, attacking foreign harmful bacteria and viruses. All this intelligence in one cell is synchronized with all other cells in a human body. This is the highest form of intelligence on Earth. Besides these, we have the power of creation because of our pre-frontal cortex. Man is the only being which aspires to be limitless, at the same time seeking security and hence being bounded. Our mind is a very powerful instrument. Befriend it, and it will be your greatest friend. All minds generate thoughts. Computers also have thoughts. This is nothing but every single instruction getting executed. Thought can lead to emotions. For a machine, this is a remote possibility. Both humans and machines have their pros and cons. They can work together (complementing) to make this world a better place for everyone.

God Bless !

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