The word ‘self-improvement’ needs to be understood closely. It normally denotes a lack of something which we need to improve upon. Well, I have news for you. There is nothing that you are short of. At any point in time, you are a complete person, as the Universe wants you to be. The final plan is unfolding around you. If you think of the past or the future, you are still in the present moment, contemplating it. Instead of focussing on what you lack, you should put your full attention to the present moment. And that must be effortless. Till such time, keep practicing the art of bringing your attention back to the present. If you drift way, once again bring it back. In this very instant, you are creating the future. What you sow now, tomorrow you shall reap. Add a little bit of patience to the equation and you are all set to live the dream life that you always dreamed of.

So why do we feel like we lack something? Well, it’s the ego playing with you. All messages of the past, be it from your parents, teachers, and others are all recorded in your subconscious. As a child, you were perfectly in terms with yourself. But then came the advice – don’t do that, don’t do this, bad boy, bad girl, etc. Being the child that you were, you simply complied. And as you grew older, you found that your personality lacks a lot of things. I’m short. I’m fat. Nobody will like me. Everybody will call this idea as stupid. I’m nervous. And so, on an on. This is nothing but your past subconscious programming that is playing convulsively. On the other side of these fears is the freedom that you want to achieve. So how do you remove years of negative nonsense that has occupied your mind? Well, simply be aware of them. When they come and go, let them.

Know that you are God’s child. He/She will never create something that is not perfect. Look around you. The acorn has the blueprint of the oak tree that it was destined to become. The caterpillar has the plan of the butterfly that it one day needs to flower into. Similarly, you are destined to be great – a version of your holy father/mother. All the requisite questions and their answers are within yourself. The world around you may enchant you and sometimes depress you. But you are above all that. When the time is ripe, the acorn bursts the first shoots of an oak. When the time is ripe, the caterpillar spews the first wing of a butterfly. Note that everything in nature seems to happen effortlessly. It applies to your life also. You don’t have to try. You are that already. When your time comes, you will also become what you are destined to. So, persevere.

However, lack of trying does not mean that you do nothing. In fact, it’s the opposite. Keep doing whatever it is that takes you towards your vision of the future. Tether yourself to the future with a strong bond. Never for a moment let the idea that you are a divine child slip from you. The only thing that you need to master in life is to be in control of your thought, emotions, and energies. View them like waves on an ocean – they come and go. Let it not disturb your rhythm. Be on top of life. Be vibrant. Be compassionate. Life is not a zero-sum game. There is abundance all around. Pick up what you want. Give back in return, in gratitude. You will see that very soon, everything around you becomes magical. Those self-doubts and worries all melt into this fabulous dance of life. You are a creator. So, go ahead – paint your picture – the world awaits it.

God Bless !

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