You can have it all

Some people think that life is a zero-sum game. That is simply not true. There is so much of abundance that we can have plenty of whatever it is that we are after. Some think that if you are sufficient in one area of life, you may be lacking in others. Again, this is not correct. There are many who have it all and I don’t see any reason why you can’t have it all. If you live in your mental drama (thoughts and emotions) you may not be getting the break that you are wishing for. Please realize that you are the whole of the cosmos. There is no separation between you and what you are perceiving to be outside of you. Live a life of abundance by believing in abundance. There is a lot of it out there (whatever you yearn for). All you have to do is be upright and claim yours.

Now life is not always straightforward. The path for most of us is not straight. It’s meandering. There may also be obstacles in your path. (some real big) These are the times when you should propel yourself towards your vision. Drop the fear and face your life head-on. You may fall, at times. But you must get up every time you fall. Dust yourself up. Analyse what happened. Why did you fall? How bad was that obstacle? What do you have to do to overcome it? Do you have to fight it? Can you go around it or over it? Once you have learned the lesson, modify your path to be more prepared when other obstacles come in your way. Reinforce your vision and move forward. Rest if you must but move on.

The opinions that people have about you does not matter. You have to live life on your own terms. Its virtually impossible to satisfy everyone. As long as you have respect for yourself in your own eyes, its fine. Don’t loose that. Be honest with yourself. Align your desires with your mind and energy. And your body. When all these forces are in sync with your desires, then there is no doubt about manifesting them. Also have infinite patience. Everyone has different risk levels and different comfort zones. Find out yours and then push it. $uccess is always there. Sometimes the path is very rough or maybe some obstacle is too big. Face it. Behind the fear is the dream’s fulfilment. This is unique for everyone. We all have our own path to walk however different they may be.

So, here’s how to have it all

  • Be willing to accept Change
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Don’t let obstacles stop you from where you are going
  • Take massive action with all that you have

Don’t trust your brain. Fear, anxiety and fogginess are all reasons why one won’t be able to enjoy life today. Nobody knows what tomorrow holds. If you worry about the past or the future, you have to learn to ground yourself in the present. Lastly, raise your vibrations. Action done by a pleasant person is more powerful than that done by a person who is stressed.

So first you have to get yourself in a place of calm, peace, and clarity. Get the answers from your heart, not your head. Live and enjoy the journey, however unpredictable it may be. And sooner or later you will have it all.

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