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This book is a dive into the world of technology and spirituality. As the modern world grapples with a range of problems ranging from climate change, immigration, terrorism, etc., the need of the hour is to use technology to provide some solutions. However, technology is just a tool and is not enough. We need something more to tackle them.

Enter spirituality. Spirituality is that force that connects all of us together. We may be different outside, but deep down we are all the same. We are spiritual beings in a body. And we are all connected to each other in an intricate web. If we don’t acknowledge our brotherhood and progress towards perfection, we will be at a loss to address those challenges.

The path that we chose to walk on must be a path that’s aligned with nature. The better we do this, the fewer will be obstacles on the way.

In this book, we talk about 3 things:

  • Technology
  • Spirituality
  • Techno Spirituality

In the technology section, we go through the brass tacks of what it is about and emerging technologies of the future. We also emphasize the rise of machines in the era of Artificial Intelligence. This part of the book is uncovering the bits and bytes.

In the spirituality section, we take on the modern practices and the ancient scriptures. We learn to raise our vibrations and live a fuller life in the quagmire of choices in front of us. This is the innate need of a being in today’s complex world.

In the techno spirituality section, we find the fusion between technology and spirituality. For example, machines = bits, humans = stories. We also discuss deeply the possibility of a new consciousness emerging – that of machines.

We need a combination of technical and spiritual skills to succeed in today’s world. This book is an attempt to equip the reader with these skills and to educate them on what it takes to be a techno spiritual person. (

QUEST 2.0 – A CEO, A Project Manager and A Programmer’s Search for Inner Meaning Three individuals – a programmer, a project manager and a CEO of a software company in the US, set out on their search for a one time ex-CEO of a software company, who has shun the material world and taken refuge on the desolate mountain somewhere in India, to lead the life of a spiritual seeker. The three professionals, tired of their hectic plus mundane lives loaded with problems and boredom, seek to hunt him out and get to know his insight on matters relating to technology, management, and spirituality. The story traces the quest… This book is useful for all people in IT companies and IT departments of non-IT companies. Also, for the adventurous people who would like to know the innards of how a software company works. The book is 90% non-fiction and 10% fiction, and an engaging read for all who want to know something more about technology and well-being. Hope you find what you are looking for, in this book. Kindly share your comments. God Bless ( (

Facebook for Power Users – 10 tips quick & easy

  1. Facebook Power User’s book is a collection of 10 (+2) tips of most commonly faced situations where you require expert navigation. This guide covers the following :

    1. Acknowledgments
    2. About Facebook
    3. Facebook 10 Power User tips

    1.Make only close friends
    2.Live streaming or Conferencing
    4.The power of Pages
    5.Boosting a post – Paid Ads
    6.How to change the default URL of your Facebook account
    7.Posting 3-D Images and Videos
    8.Download a copy of your Facebook data
    9.Facebook Photos
    10.An Assortment of 3 tips

    4.Bonus Tips


    5.What Next

    So you get 2 bonus tips also (using third party providers for scheduling posts of Facebook and also analysing it)

    This guide is apt for users who are facing issues, especially in the wake of the debacle at Facebook. I’m glad that the scandal has not made the people who work at Facebook. lose face. They are ready to tackle it head-on. All the best to Facebook. ( (

Google Chrome – Use a Horse like a Horse

Learn to use Google Chrome in 19 pages. (1 hour read) Both for beginners and those who are looking to exploit the features provided by Chrome. Learn how browsers work. In-depth information about Google Chrome. 10 things to know about Google Chrome and a Power User’s Guide (which covers advanced features and some handy extensions) 

A quick and handy guide for those who want to get going with Google Chrome. ( (

10 Inspirational essays: Lessons on life, love, work, greed etc.

10 inspirational essays on the most common things that are on our mind. (you can finish this book in 30 minutes – but please reflect on what is said)

1. Life
2. Love
3. God
4. World
5. Greed
6. Education
7. Technology
8. Entertainment
9. Pain
10. Work

From the book:

“The only reason why we are here – (1) To feel love. (2) To enjoy love. (3) To spread love.”

“This world is so beautiful, that I could write a poem for everything in it – animate or inanimate. When I look around, I see the walls of my room also meditating. It’s his glory that we should sing always because such is his deep love for us. Don’t get enough time to thank him? Do not worry. Make it up sometime. Just call him – and that’s the secret.” ( (

Ignite Your Mind: 52 weeks of Inspirational clippings

Inspirational sayings for every week. There are 52 inspirational clippings to be read 1 in a week. (not necessarily) Now this book is about words to uplift you and provide you a motivational day. This book has been collated from various articles that I have written on my techno-spiritual blog called What is life without inspiration? We all crave to be better. As time passes we are nearing the Force – that which sustains us, created us and finally destroy us. The body will be eliminated but our soul can never be. We are all spiritual beings in a human body. Enjoy the experience. Hope you have a good read. Please leave your comments. Thanks and God Bless! ( (

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