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  • The Complete Guide to Business and How to Get Started

    The Complete Guide to Business and How to Get Started Introduction: Starting a Business or Growing Your Company? How to Develop Strategies for Your Business How to Market Your Brand and Get it Seen by People Promote and Sell Products and Services Online 4 Proven Ways To Use Business Analytics to Get Ahead of Your […]

  • Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

    Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality AR Augmented reality is about superimposing images/videos etc onto reality. Take for example the game Pokemon Go. Players would try to collect pokemon from the world. You keep walking and you see a Pokemon here and then there. The idea is to collect as many pokemon as possible. Now, this […]

  • Employability of an IT Professional

    Employability of an IT Professional To be employable in IT, you need the following skills: Tech Skills Business Skills Soft Skills Process Skills Tech Skills You require programming knowledge of 1 or 2 programming languages. For example, Java and Python. More important than programming languages, it’s the art and science of programming that you should […]

  • Python in 3 minutes

    Python in 3 minutes Why Python? Because it’s a very easy-to-use programming language. Python is an object-oriented programming language that is dynamically typed. This simply means that behind the scenes Python treats everything as objects and does not have variable type declarations unlike say C++ wherein if you wanted to define an integer, you’d probably […]

  • AI Chips – 2020 and beyond

    AI Chips – 2020 and beyond CPU (Central Processing Unit) was until now the center of attraction. It was the guts of the machine. With the advent of AI, CPU had been replaced by GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which is more apt for AI tasks. And now, GPUs are being edged out by FPGA (Field […]

  • A dose of NoSQL

    A dose of NoSQL Some of you know the story and some don’t. NoSQL means Not Only SQL. This is referring to the kind of databases that work on abstractions other than SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL was used with our good old RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) like ORACLE (although ORACLE now has a […]

  • Angular and React

    Angular and React These are Javascript frameworks. For those of you who don’t know what Javascript is – it’s the language of the frontend. In short, it’s the one-stop language for rendering your screen. 94% of the world’s websites use Javascript. However, Javascript is cryptic and very hard to use. Hence people have built frameworks […]

  • What is Apache Kafka?

    What is Apache Kafka? Apache Kafka is a messaging platform used by more than a third of Fortune 500 companies. Uber uses it for calculating surge pricing; Netflix uses it for recommendations; Linked-In uses it for keeping track of its millions of subscribers posting content on various topics and many more. Earlier we used to […]


    POP3 POP3 is Post Office Protocol version 3. Typically, you use an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird to download messages from your server. Once downloaded, these messages are deleted from the server. POP3 is a single device application. The client POP3 software is installed on the receiver’s computer and the server POP3 software […]

  • Cyber Security – Thwarting Threats

    There is no such thing as 100% security. A lot has happened in the year 2018. We had the rise of malware like ransomware where an attacker infects a machine and most likely encrypts the data inside it. They ask for money (typically bitcoin) in order to restore it back. Other times hackers use our […]

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