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AWARENESS WORKSHOP ON Emerging Technologies – 2024

Topics we will cover in this course

1) Artificial Intelligence (AI) 4) Cloud Computing
2) Big Data 5) Blockchain
3) Internet of Things (IoT) 6) Cyber Security

What you will learn

Artificial Intelligence – AI (0.5 hours)Cloud Computing (0.5 hours)
➢ The rise of Compute Power
➢ Hardware and Software
➢ Programming Languages
➢ AI on the Cloud and On-Prem
➢ ML / DL (Machine Learning and
Deep Learning)
➢ Supervised, Unsupervised and
Reinforcement Learning
➢ Chatbots, Recommendation
Engines and Face Recognition
➢ Data Science and Analytics
➢ Vendors and how do they stack
➢ Applications (use cases) of AI
➢ Future
➢ Demo (Decision Tree
➢ Trajectory
➢ Service Models
➢ Deployment Models
➢ Identity and Access
➢ Virtual Machines and
➢ Serverless Compute
➢ Databases on the Cloud
➢ Programming for the Cloud
➢ Non-Functional Aspects
➢ Cloud Vendors and their
➢ Seamless Multi-Cloud
➢ The future of Cloud Computing
Big Data (0.5 hours)BlockChain (0.5 hours)
➢ Introduction, Implementation,
Use Cases, Applications
➢ Vendors – Apache, Cloudera,
Hortonworks, MapR
➢ The 4 types of NoSQL
➢ Data warehouses, Data Lakes
and Delta Lakes
➢ ETL vs ELT
➢ Distributed File Systems
➢ Blockchain concepts
➢ How did it all start
➢ Bitcoin and other cryptos
➢ Problems with existing
monetary system
➢ Public Key Cryptography
(Asymmetric Encryption)
➢ Advantages of using Blockchain
➢ Blockchain features
➢ Blockchain applications
➢ In Memory Solution – SPARK
➢ Big Data on the Cloud
➢ Data Analysis Tools
➢ How Big Data complements AI
➢ Current market and future
➢ Demo (Ether)
Internet of Things – IoT (0.5 hours)CyberSecurity (0.5 hours)
➢ Definition and Scope
➢ Technologies that enable IoT
➢ Sensors, Actuators, etc.
(Sensing devices)
➢ Propagators (Connectivity –
4G/5G, Zigbee, NFC, etc.)
➢ Integrators (People and
➢ How big is the IoT market?
➢ Applications of IoT (includes
compound applications)
➢ The 4 stages of IoT maturity
➢ Functional view of IoT
➢ Future Trends
➢ Demo (NodeRed)
➢ Understanding the threat
➢ NIST Cybersecurity Framework
➢ Exploiting and Protecting
➢ Network Security
➢ Writing Secure Code (Dev-Sec
➢ Cybersecurity Certifications
➢ Viruses, worms, trojans, zero
day exploits and other threats
➢ Cybersecurity and IoT
➢ Cybersecurity and Mobility
➢ Software testing (Penetration
and Security)
➢ Vendors
➢ Ten points to remember

Total Hours
3 hours (Online Training)

Class happens Sat-Sun @ 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Who is this course for?
For those who are seeking a career in emerging technologies (new job / promotions /

√ Students √ Professionals (IT and Non-IT) √ Managers √ Techno-Enthusiasts √ Entrepreneurs
√ Freelancers √ Trainers and Coaches

Key Takeaways
✓ Clarity on AI, what it encompasses, and where and how it is used.
✓ The impact of big data on business.
✓ Big data and IoT – Differences – Opportunities in IoT – Trillion Dollar industry.
✓ Hybrid Cloud adoptions going through the roof – How Pandemic has helped Cloud
✓ BlockChain – The next database revolution
✓ Cyber Security- The hunt for the holy grail of security
✓ Job roles and salaries – Which role suits you and remuneration you can expect
✓ Degrees and Certifications that will be useful

Is the workshop pre-recorded or online training? (Online)

What can I expect out of this workshop?
✓ You will be able to understand the emerging technology landscape
✓ You will add more skills to your repertoire
✓ You will receive blogs/videos/podcasts of my latest research
✓ You will not have to worry about your career becoming obsolete
✓ You will get timely tips on how your industry is getting affected.

What are the bonuses? (Resources: 30 useful links, Trends PDF’s, PowerPoint presentation)

Meet your Instructor

Rajesh Menon is a life coach (technology and well-being). He has over 30 years
of experience in IT service delivery and corporate training. He is the author of 7
books. He is also a sought-out speaker. His mission is to help people by making
hard things simple to understand and apply.

Next Class Date
4th May, 2024

[email protected]Rs. 499/- per seat
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