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Freedom v/s Security

Freedom v/s Security

This is the crux of it all. Freedom v/s Security. On one hand, we have been given free will, on the other hand, we must live within the rules and regulations. By rules and regulations, I don’t mean the ones that were created by man. But science, which has its dictums. For example, take constants like Pi or Gravitational force. These cannot be violated. Yes, maybe if we supersede time. But then, that’s a big one. The apt picture that comes to my mind is the debate between Science and Art. While Science has boundaries, Art is unlimited. One binds you. The other liberates you. Creativity or imagination does not have any limits. For human beings the upper side is unlimited. Whereas all animals and plants function within a well-defined lower and upper side.

Freedom is very important. Richard Lovelace has beautifully said :

If I have freedom in my love

And in my soul, I’m free

Angels alone that soar above

Enjoy such liberty

Freedom is to us like water is to the thirsty. It’s the freedom to do what we want that has spurred innovations. In many areas of the world, this very freedom comes at a price. Lucky are those who live in places where freedom is valued and encouraged. More than water, freedom is the air that we breathe in and that which sustains us.

While security has its ups and downs, it’s also good. I shouldn’t be saying this, because, in God’s world, everything is good. We ascribe meanings to things and events and judge them as good or bad. On a frequency scale bad is at the lower end of the spectrum, whereas good is on the higher side. Coming back to security, there are 2 aspects:

  • God made rules
  • Man-made rules

While I know that this world works on a scientific basis, all the laws that we have discovered (God-given) are precise. There is no scope for error. It’s because of these laws that we have our innovations. Take electricity, nuclear power for example. There are just four forces in the God-given universe:

  • Gravity
  • Electromagnetism
  • Weak nuclear force
  • Strong nuclear force

While these all work in a clock-like manner, where we require help is in the laws that we have made. If you look at a concept, there are at least 100’s of pages explaining it. In fact, the Vedas, Upanishads, the Mahabharata, the Bible, the Koran, etc. are also long. But the holy books are all from the prophets and sages. Whereas say GDPR law is man-made. How many pages, I don’t know. To do business in Europe, you need to know it.

We have complicated our lives by rules and regulations. Some are outdated, and some are pertinent. However, we need to throw away biased laws and update them with something new and apt.

Our children should not be victims of archaic laws that we have conceived. Laws are for safety, I know. But above the man-made laws, there is the Universal law (of God) where everything is perfect. And the sooner we act on this, the earlier will be the rise of a new Sun. A time when Mother Earth smiles happily at its children for having obeyed and obliged her. While She also nudges us towards the freedom that every one of the Souls (that is called a human, plant, or animal) deserves.

God Bless!

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