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The meaning of it all

The meaning of it all (Inspired by Richard Feynman) Is there a meaning to Life? Are we just squandering time? What is the Purpose of Life? Like Deepak Chopra says ‘Who am I ?’, ‘What do I want?’ , ‘How can Life be more meaningful’,… Read More »The meaning of it all

Binary God

Binary GOD Zeroes and Ones explained Why do we need two bits (zero and one) to represent information? The answer is quite simple. If there were just one bit, how would we know the difference between an object like say an apple and an orange.… Read More »Binary God

Freedom v/s Security

Freedom v/s Security This is the crux of it all. Freedom v/s Security. On one hand, we have been given free will, on the other hand, we must live within the rules and regulations. By rules and regulations, I don’t mean the ones that were… Read More »Freedom v/s Security