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Freedom v/s Security

Freedom v/s Security This is the crux of it all. Freedom v/s Security. On one hand, we have been given free will, on the other hand, we must live within the rules and regulations. By rules and regulations, I don’t mean the ones that were… Read More »Freedom v/s Security

Python in 3 minutes

Python in 3 minutes Why Python? Because it’s a very easy-to-use programming language. Python is an object-oriented programming language that is dynamically typed. This simply means that behind the scenes Python treats everything as objects and does not have variable type declarations unlike say C++… Read More »Python in 3 minutes

Own the Unknown

Own the Unknown Step into the unknown. Your brain tends to stop you from doing that. Just because it prefers familiar things. If you are venturing into something new and at the count of 1 to 5 if you don’t do it, your brain will… Read More »Own the Unknown

I am Enough

I am Enough There may be several reasons you are not feeling up to it. Maybe that job you have is stressful. Maybe your colleagues at work do not appreciate you. Maybe your friends keep telling you about your shortcomings. Or that speech that you… Read More »I am Enough