Hurry leads to worry

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Hurry leads to worry

Hurry leads to worry

Most of us are in hurry. If we have an appointment, we are anxious to reach the destination on time. If we are held in traffic, we start getting uncomfortable, so much so that it irritates us. (sometimes we honk) If the computer takes time to load a web page, we hate waiting. If there is a queue outside the bank, we hate to wait. We do not have the patience to watch long videos on Youtube. To cross the road which has a lot of traffic, we do not have the patience to wait till the traffic has subsided, so that we may cross safely. Why are we in such a hurry? The answer is  – we do not have the patience to wait. Given a short path and a long path to the destination, we choose the short one, without realizing that sometimes the long path is worth the while. I have read a quote somewhere, which goes like this :

When I was walking, I saw two roads in front of me, a short one and a long one. I chose the long one, and I’m glad that I did. 

Shortcuts are not helpful always. Sometimes the long road may be the right one for you. Do not get obsessed with shortcuts. You may have saved some seconds, but there may be a price to pay. And this will manifest in the form of stress, which may lead to other diseases.

Learn to wait. It’s an art. Try to sit still for 10 minutes. How many of you can do that? Have you heard the saying ‘Be still and know that I’m God’? Quieten your mind, which is causing the hurry.

In offices, you have deadlines. This creates anxiety. We are constantly working under pressure to meet a deadline. Do not stuff your schedule with more than what you can handle.

Queen Band  (Freddie Mercury) has a beautiful song called ‘Under Pressure’. That’s the bane of mankind. All of us are in a hurry. Which leads to confusion and anxiety.

Learn to be still for say 5-10 minutes in a day. This means watching your thoughts, till they subside.

This is the simpler form of meditation.

As you increase the amount of time that you spend in silence, you will naturally be at peace always. This world is a very crazy place. But we cannot live in exclusion and have our promises to pay.

The only way you can manage to be at peace anytime, anyplace, anywhere is by not getting touched by the events that happen every day. Like a lotus leaf that lives in mud, but does not become dirty by its influence.

Stay calm.

There is absolutely no hurry.


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