Tag: deep learning

  • Binary God

    Binary GOD Zeroes and Ones explained Why do we need two bits (zero and one) to represent information? The answer is quite simple. If there were just one bit, how would we know the difference between an object like say an apple and an orange. If we say that ‘0’ (zero) represents an apple, an […]

  • Python in 3 minutes

    Python in 3 minutes Why Python? Because it’s a very easy-to-use programming language. Python is an object-oriented programming language that is dynamically typed. This simply means that behind the scenes Python treats everything as objects and does not have variable type declarations unlike say C++ wherein if you wanted to define an integer, you’d probably […]

  • Being human in the age of AI

    Being human in the age of AI Human beings are made up of stories. Every human is a story playing out his/her memory in the arrow of time. These stories are nothing but our karma which gives rise to our habits or rituals. The more, certain types of karmic impressions, the deeper the habit. However, […]

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