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Binary God

Binary God

Binary GOD

Zeroes and Ones explained

Why do we need two bits (zero and one) to represent information? The answer is quite simple. If there were just one bit, how would we know the difference between an object like say an apple and an orange. If we say that ‘0’ (zero) represents an apple, an orange possibly couldn’t be denoted by the same bit. Hence, we need 2 bits (minimum) to represent objects that are differentiated. We could also symbolize 4 objects if we rearrange 2 bits (‘00’,’01’,10’,’11’) and so on. Computing systems work on binary logic because deep down the transistors work on electricity. It’s the presence and absence of electricity that makes the clock inside a computer tick. ‘Tick-Tock’, ‘On-Off’, ‘Yes-No’, ‘Light-Darkness’ etc. In between this ‘0’ and ‘1’ are possibilities. Infinite representations. This is what quantum computers exploit. (a quantum mechanics concept)

Machines Nature and Differentiation (Math)

Machines and Nature itself appear to be binary, with all its variations. In mathematics, we are taught the concept of differentiation and integration. When we analyze, we divide the attention. This simply is differentiation (d/dx). Like, say trying to understand what a leaf is, by breaking it down further and further, till we come to our limitations of engineering. Can we see an ‘atom’? – yes with an electron microscope, partially. Can we see subatomic particles? (No, only their trajectory in a hadron-collider) Can we see strings? Not at all. Just we can suppose that they exist. And what’s beyond 11 strings that can be represented in the Universe? We don’t know. And we are not even on the tip of the iceberg. The best phrase to start any venture or scientific experiment is to have a disposition ‘I don’t know.’ And truly, that’s a dictum.

The race for better Chips (From microcontrollers to AI Chips)

Computers or simply chips are at a tipping point. The differentiation between what is a ‘smart’ or a ‘dumb’ chip seems to be melting away. Although, we refer to smart chips as those which can compute (meaning ‘CPU’ / GPU’ etc.) those chips for example say dedicated work processing chips like the ‘Key board’ controller, the ‘CRT’ controller also seem to be exhibiting some level of intelligence. They may be more economically important as the number of chips that are made in the world comprises mostly of them. Smart chips are just a small part of the fray. As I said, the distinction between a ‘smart’ and a ‘dumb’ chip is blurring. On the so-called ‘dumb’ side, we have chips like the ‘RTC’ (Real-time Clock) – for a while don’t think of them as a Piezoelectric controller but a specialized chip. And on the other end of the spectrum, we have ‘AI’ chips (like Tensor Chips) that have the latest smarts.

Integration (Math) and understanding God holistically

So, where does ‘God’ fit in? Now let me explain a concept that I did not expand on earlier. And that is integration. ( ʃ ) You see when we try to understand something holistically (Bottom-up, unlike ‘Differentiation’, is Top-Down ) that is when we realize that finally, all objects are the same. There is no difference between an ‘apple’ and an ‘orange’. They all belong to the class called ‘fruits’ and ‘fruits’ in turn belong to a class called ‘eatables’ and they further belong to ‘energy’ and this, in turn, is what ‘God’ is… Pure undifferentiated energy. In the monotheistic tradition, this is how we define ‘God’ – as ‘Krishna’, ‘Allah’ or ‘Wakan-Tanka’ etc. On the other hand, God (Him/Herself) has split into the many variations that we can perceive (which is an ‘iota’ of innumerable splendors of ‘God’). This is what is meant by ‘Within’ and ‘Without’. (He/She resides everywhere and that is the only truth, the rest is ‘Maya’ or simply ‘Illusion’)

Poem on God and Mukti (Liberation)

“This life is but a blip in eternity

Waiting for ages and ages

I seek ‘Moksha’ – the highest

When I become one with my ‘Lord’ “

God Bless!

(Dedicated to one of my gurus ‘Sir George Gilder’ who wrote ‘Telecosm’ and other books)


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