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Live, Love, Laugh

Most of us are trying to manage our time, as effectively as possible. Time Management is an art that can be mastered. In trying to harmonize our work, family, personal space, and other tasks, we forget one thing. Taking care of ourselves. So, what are we trying to achieve by managing time? The answer in one word – Happiness. We want to be happy. Given a choice between being pleasant and unpleasant, what would you choose – the former of course. Throughout the day, we keep running errands – hither and thither – with the hope that it will make us happy. Some days are good, some days are bad and other days can be downright ecstatic or in depressive lows. Although we have tasted happiness, it doesn’t seem to last. So how do we make it permanent? The answer is :

Live … Love … Laugh


  1. Know that you are Infinite potential because you are a son/daughter of God
  2. Pray 
  3. Meditate (at least 5 mins a day)
  4. Raise your vibrations
  5. Avoid negativity (people and places)
  6. Practice Gratitude
  7. Learn from your experience, but don’t judge


  1. Is what the Universe is made of
  2. Love others as you want to be loved by others
  3. Respect everyone
  4. Send blessings to others
  5. To get, you have to give
  6. Forgive
  7. Be empathetic (compassionate)


  1. Is the shortcut to happiness
  2. Laugh at yourself
  3. Laugh at others
  4. Crack a joke or watch something funny
  5. Smile more
  6. Be optimistic
  7. Welcome the day with a prayer

Now managing time is to be in the state of pleasantness always. Promise yourself when you wake up that you will smile and laugh as much as possible. So, there you are ->

Live … Love … Laugh

(Remember – Happiness is a state of mind ‘Now’, not something in the future)


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