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Angular and React

Angular and React

These are Javascript frameworks. For those of you who don’t know what Javascript is – it’s the language of the frontend. In short, it’s the one-stop language for rendering your screen. 94% of the world’s websites use Javascript. However, Javascript is cryptic and very hard to use. Hence people have built frameworks atop Javascript. These frameworks are written in Javascript and make the programmer’s life easier by offering a simple programming paradigm. There are many different frameworks built for different purposes. Some of them are :

  • jQuery
  • Vue
  • Express
  • Bootstrap

Just like the above frameworks, we have two popular frameworks, namely Angular and React.

Let’s discuss Angular first.

Angular is a framework developed by Google. The latest version is Angular 7. Here are some of the features of this popular framework.

  1. CLI Prompts (Prompting users when they are typing)
  2. Application Performance (Has drastically improved)
  3. Angular Material and CDK (Improved Material Design Handling and Drag & Drop facilities)
  4. Improved Accessibility (A lot of useful features has been added)
  5. Angular Elements (Enabling contents through a template)

Now let’s move to React.

React is a framework developed at Facebook. The latest version is v16.8.4. Here are the features of this platform.

  1. New Core Architecture (Built on top of Fiber)
  2. Fragments and Strings (Returning of arrays elements and strings from components render method)
  3. Error Handling (Use of error boundaries, so if one application crashes, it doesn’t affect others)
  4. Portals (Renders children in any DOM node, regardless of its location)
  5. ServerSide Rendering (Very fast and supports streaming)

The above points are just some of the popular features of these platforms.

Here’s a comparison between both frameworks.

And now let’s see the sample company list of those who use these two frameworks.

So, if you are looking for a front-end development tool, both these frameworks can be considered. Choose wisely.

Good Luck!

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