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Turn Inward

Turn Inward

We are so enamored by what is happening outside – the news, the events, the workplace, and the people. In our life, we attach too much importance to the outside world. And the only reason is our senses. You see, our five senses (Seeing, listening, tasting, smelling, and touching) are directed outwards. We experience the world through these senses. Every day, we absorb a lot of information from the outside world. Our mind is like a recorder, spooling everything into our subconscious. Some of the impressions are strong and some trailing. An average person has 35,000 thoughts every day. On top of this, we have emotions. We can manage most of them, but sometimes the switch turns on. We find ourselves in despair or elation. You see at any point in time our feeling is attributed to different chemicals running amuck in our bloodstream. For example, if it’s high, it’s a dopamine rush. If it’s stress, it’s cortisol. If it’s happiness, it’s oxytocin. We can also artificially induce these states, by external stimulation.

When we engage with the world, we have to take care not to get involved deeply. I mean you must give your full attention but should not be tainted by it. Like a lotus flower, which blooms in dirty water. Take criticisms without letting them in. Nobody or nothing should violate your inner values and beliefs. In short, the workplace (where we spend most of the day) should provide psychological safety. Then comes the question of engaging with others. This has to be healthy. Most of the projects that fail are because of a dysfunctional team. Emotional IQ is more important than technical IQ. We should learn to manage our emotions effectively. Also, nobody talks of thought culture. How to think? Thoughts can trigger emotions and vice-versa. We must have a positive engaging attitude towards work/family/friends etc. Don’t think of the perks. Focus on what you can do and do that well.  Be respectful of others. No gossip. Do your best every day.

While we have touched upon all these things that happen in day-to-day life, there is a much bigger dimension to life. And that has to do with our inner person. Instead of focusing on the outside, we should turn inward. The journey towards a better life is only achieved if you do the following:

  • Be aware of your thoughts and emotions
  • Know that you are God’s child – pure spirit
  • Don’t let the outside world overwhelm you
  • Accept yourself and your circumstances
  • Take full responsibility for yourself

It is very important to focus your awareness on the task at hand. Be in alpha/theta states by remaining calm. Meditate, take deep breaths, utilize tapping and any other mantra that brings you happiness. Don’t allow anyone to invade your inner space.

We are taught a lot of things, but nobody has taught us about life and managing it. There are no user manuals. Nobody has taught us thought culture. So, we stumble throughout life, accepting and rejecting things by trial and error. At the same time, we hardly turn inwards. We are a unique people in the whole Universe. There may be doppelganger only look wise. Deep down we are separate individuals. To tune  your focus inward, you have to

  • Change your vibration levels
  • Become calmer and more creative
  • Accept things as they are
  • Develop a gratitude mentality
  • Focus on action
  • Reflect and learn
  • Come from Wisdom

Turn inward and change yourself. It’s better than trying to change the world. Be more receptive. Help people and feel compassion for others. And thank God for giving you the best gift of life – unconditional love. Cheers …

Stay Blessed.

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