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Own the Unknown

Own the Unknown

Step into the unknown. Your brain tends to stop you from doing that. Just because it prefers familiar things. If you are venturing into something new and at the count of 1 to 5 if you don’t do it, your brain will talk you out of it. That’s the kind of wiring that we all have. However, your brain can be your ally. As long as you tell it what to do. Communicate with your brain with the right language. For example, if you dread doing something, tell the brain that you are happy doing it. Repeat it. The brain has no way to know what is painful or what is happiness. It just obeys its master. If you feel charged up or nervous, your hands get clammy, your armpits sweaty and there is a ball in your throat. All this even when you are excited, not just when you are nervous. No matter what it feels like, enjoy the experience.

Be ready to be uncomfortable. Own up all those feelings that emerge before that big meeting or that public speaking. Butterflies in the stomach. No problem. Just tell your brain that you are feeling super great. And so, it will be. It’s natural to feel a little at the edge at certain times. Enjoy the experience. Don’t look back. Treasure the unknown. It will lead you to places that you have never dreamt possible. Just do it. Don’t think or should I say overthink. Most of the super performers who are in the ‘FLOW’ are 5-10 times[RM1]  more productive than a normal person. The meaning of ‘FLOW’ is that you are super focussed, so much so that there is no time to think. Your whole brain kind of slows down or stops working. You are in the ‘Now’ or the present moment.

This is the secret of the achievers. Be so involved in your work that time doesn’t make a difference. If you work with all your focus on the present work, time will slow down. You will find all the time in the world to complete your tasks. Whereas if you think too much (worry) nothing ever will get done. In the wee hours of the morning, plan out what you are set to do for the day. Then just get on with it. You may have to modify your plans according to what the day brings to you. But don’t get out of gear if things don’t happen your way. Remember, you have 5 seconds to change your decision and get on with the altered plan before you retreat. So, here’s the secret: Be action-oriented and not thinking-oriented. Yes, thinking has its place (for example ‘to plan’) that’s all – don’t let it run your life.

Lord Krishna says, ‘Renounce the world and come to my shelter – I will provide for you. Now, this may be hard for most of us to do, but the quote holds a semblance of the truth. All the problems that we are facing are because we are so attached to the world. Our desires are good, but not attached to them. Look deep inside and ask yourself a question – Who am I? The more you discover that you are not who you think you are – the closer you are to realizing that you are pure awareness or the spirit. And you are made in the image of God. Know that you are just a tool in the hands of Providence who is trying to do something through you. Just allow it to be. And before looking at what you get, look at what you do. Being – Doing – Having. That is the law of attraction. The great one is present everywhere. So, stop worrying and start doing.

Like it’s said in a movie. ‘This is your wake-up call. Go to work!’

God Bless!

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