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I am Enough

I am Enough

There may be several reasons you are not feeling up to it. Maybe that job you have is stressful. Maybe your colleagues at work do not appreciate you. Maybe your friends keep telling you about your shortcomings. Or that speech that you gave did not get you the applause that you think you deserved. There could be many other reasons why you are feeling dejected. Of all these, some you may hold dear and some maybe not that much. The underlying cause of all frustrations is your expectations. You see, when we have a goal, we must work towards it without any expectation of the outcome. Difficult, right! But that’s how life is … You may think of owning a bungalow by that seaside and your dream may come true or not. Even if it does, I can guarantee you one thing. It won’t make you happy.

Such is the nature of material things. If you possess them, it’s only for one lifetime. And you think that the more you hoard, the more it makes you feel happy. This is a dilemma that we all face. Some have a problem with the way they look; some others feel they are not financially sound. Some have addictions that they are not able to overcome; some others have a problem of procrastination. Whatever it may be, you feel that you are lacking in some things. And these shortcomings are deeply wired into your neural pathways. So much so that the hiccups keep coming often into your mind. And you beat yourself up, every time it does. You somehow feel responsible for all these negative parts of your life’s equation. You want to set them straight, but you just can’t because it already happened in the past and you have vivid memories of them.

So, what do you do? Let go. Release them. Let bygones be bygones. Start your day afresh and before you start your work, thank God that you are still alive, and then just go about doing your things by focussing on the present. There is no point in reliving the past because that is gone. No point, living in the future, because you don’t know what will happen. So put your complete awareness into the present. A study has found out that 50% of our time in a day is on auto-pilot. Which means we keep repeating the same things (subconsciously) without even putting our efforts consciously. So, bring awareness to all the things that you do. Initially, your mind will rebel against you. But you have to teach your mind to obey you and not the other way around. Your inner critic will voice concerns; ask it to shut up. This is your life and you are going to make it happen your way.

Remember that between logic and emotion, the latter always wins. So, enthuse yourself with sweet emotions. Elevate your emotions from the baser ones like shame, guilt, repression, anger to love, joy, peace, fulfillment, etc. You will attract what you are. If you think that people are nasty, you will come across nasty people. But if you think that people are friendly, you will most likely make a lot of friends. And by this, I mean not just thinking. You should feel it in every cell of your body. That’s the reason that attitude is very important. By changing the way, you think and feel, you have conquered a major portion of your life. You may have imperfections, but you are complete. That’s the way God made you. In every moment you are a full-fledged human being. So if negativity starts seeping into your day and your feelings of self-worth, just shove it away and say loudly to yourself and the world, “ I’m Enough! “

God Bless!

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